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Adversity 「逆境 Gyakkyō」 is the 25th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Charmy Pappitson is busy eating when Catherine bursts through the wall. She approaches Charmy with the intent on stealing her mana. Charmy thinks that she is trying to steal her food so she becomes defensive. She creates a large sheep which then sucks in all of Catherine's magic. The sheep also punches Catherine and sends her flying out of the opening. Charmy vows that nobody will lay a hand on her food. Catherine ends up being captured by the authorities and all the mana she stole gets returned to their owners. Charmy's sheep disappears but her food almost falls out the window. Luckily, Yuno is there to save it. He cannot believe that a kid is the one who stopped Catherine. Charmy becomes flustered around Yuno and Yuno gets lightheaded from using so much mana. He faints but Charmy catches him. Leopold Vermillion grabs Rades Spirito and asks him where Fuegoleon Vermillion is. Noelle Silva says that the mage that sent Fuegoleon away has to be nearby. Asta finds him hiding among the corpses. The mage congratulates Asta on finding him and tells him that it is all over. He brings back Fuegoelon or at least his body minus one arm. His grimoire is still intact which means he is still alive. Noelle tries to stop the bleeding while Leopold freaks out. Rades blasts Leopold away and Rades is about to disappear when Asta starts to run at him. Asta's sword cuts through the magic and keeps Rades from leaving. Asta punches him and Rades asks Valtos to do something. Valtos says that he cannot. Suddenly, a piercing cold magic sweeps in and new mages appear. Asta cuts himself with his swords to stop the curse magic from making him bleed. This allows him to fight more. He tells them that no matter how many people come at him he will blast them all away.



Magic and Spells used[]

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Petit Clover[]

They'll Never Find Me 「見つけられない Mitsukerarenai」: Noelle, Asta and Leo try to find the spatial magic user. Valtos, hiding under a pile of corpses, is confident he'll not be found. After searching the area, the three young magic knights leave. Time passes, with Valtos becoming worried if he'll ever be found.



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