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Blackout 「ブラックアウト Burakkuauto」 is the 24th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Rades Spirito watches as Noelle Silva and Leopold Vermillion defeat his last zombie. Fuegoleon Vermillion binds Rades and confiscates his grimoire. Fuegoleon learns that Rades only has one page in it and that he can only perform one spell. Rades is afraid that they are going to look down on him. Asta tells him that they are not going to look down on him but it is such a waste that he used his magic the way he did. Rades has a magical device in his ear and a person starts talking to him. The voice says that Rades was not strong enough to defeat a captain on his own and that everything is going to go as planned for their master.

All over the capital, the Magic Knights are being cheered. Nozel Silva suspects that something is up. Yuno's grimoire starts to glow just as the ground beneath the Magic Knights turns black and swallows them up. They are transported to outside of the Royal Capital. Fuegoleon asks Rades if there is another magic user nearby. Up above, Catherine is upset that she will not get to play with any of the Magic Knights left behind. She casts a spell to absorb the young mana nearby. Yuno intervenes having avoided the Spatial Magic spell. He calls her an old hag, which upsets her and causes her to send Curse Magic at him. He dodges the curses while asking who she is and what she wants. She tells him that they are here to eliminate someone but she does not tell him who it is. Fuegoleon continues to question Rades and learns that they are here for him. Another Spatial Magic spell swallows Fuegoleon, and he reappears in a white dimension. Yuno continues to dodge Catherine's attacks but suddenly gets hit. He can barely see and his body is starting to shut down. Because his other senses are dulled, he is better able to sense mana. He is finally able to summon Sylph and uses her to manipulate the city's mana. He aims the attack at Catherine. Meanwhile, Fuegoleon is surprised when he meets and recognizes a mage in the white dimension.



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Birthday 「誕生日 Tanjōbi」: Yuno celebrates Sylph's birthday.



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