Magic Wild Dance 「魔法乱舞 Mahō Ranbu」 is the 22nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


In the North District, Asta slices through all of Rades Spirito zombies. Rades knows who Asta is and summons more zombies believing that Asta can't kill them all with his rusty sword. In Central District, Nozel Silva, Solid Silva and Nebra Silva arrive on the scene. In the West District, Klaus Lunettes isn't having any luck killing the zombies. In the East District, Sol Marron and Charlotte Roselei are surrounded by zombies. In the Northwest District, Yuno tries to find the zombies weaknesses. Back in the North District, Noelle Silva, Leopold Vermillion, and Fuegoleon Vermillion were searching for Asta but now face the zombies. Fuegoleon decides that they must crush the zombies until they can't stand up. All over the capital, the different teams of Magic Knights throw their magic at the zombies. Asta mows down a heard of zombies by using his sword. He asks Rades why he's attacking the innocent people and Rades says that anyone who doesn't understand his magic is a sinner. Rades summons a large zombie named Jimmy and declares Asta his opponent. Jimmy uses curse power and Asta blocks it with his sword. Rades has Jimmy target a little girl but Asta manages to save her. Noelle arrives to help but remembers how her siblings made fun of her and instead calls for help. Fuegoleon hits her on the head and tells her to focus. That it's okay to be weak but staying weak isn't. Noelle realizes that if Asta can become stronger so can she. Noelle protects the little girl with her magic freeing Asta to attack Rades. Leopold also helps by killing the zombies that surrounded them. Asta does a spinning attack at Jimmy and knocks him down. Rades summons another zombie named Alfred. This zombie is surrounded by electricity. Yuno looks up into the sky and sees a column of electricity. He worries about Asta.



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