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Royal Capital Riot 「王都騒乱 Ōto Sōran」is the 21st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Rades Spirito vows revenge on the Clover Kingdom for having kicked him out. Asta tells the group at the reception that he's going to become the Wizard King. They laugh at him and attack him with their magic. He uses his new sword and cuts through their spells. He gets captured by Alecdora Sandler's magic and Solid Silva aims a water bullet at him. Yuno reaches for his grimoire, but Asta manages to summon his larger sword in time and cuts through the bindings. He diverts Solid's magic back at him and makes him kneel. Solid and Asta face off against each other but Nozel Silva interferes by releasing his mana. Fuegoleon Vermillion stops Nozel from punishing Asta because they should be ashamed of themselves for getting so worked up over a little boy. Leopold Vermillion declares Asta his rival. Asta says that Yuno is his rival but Leopold tells him that he can never have enough rivals. Nozel cannot believe that Leopold declared a peasant his rival. Fuegoleon says that Julius Novachrono allowed him to be here saying "give the kid some credit". Nozel and Fuegoleon prepare to fight each other when a messenger arrives and tells them that the capital is under attack. The assailant is able to create zombies that terrorize the citizens of the capital. The Magic Knights try to come up with a plan but Asta says that he's just going to go where it's the noisiest. Leopold decides to go after Asta. The rest of the Magic Knights separate into teams and head to different parts of the capital. Fuegoleon and Noelle team up and go looking for Asta. Rades has cornered a little girl but before he can grab her, Asta shows up and lunges at him.



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Animal 「動物さん Dōbutsu-san」: Mimosa imagines Asta as different animals.



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