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The Boys' Promise 「少年の誓い Shōnen no Chikai」 is the 2nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Ten years prior, Yuno was running through a trail and suddenly fell down. Asta asked Yuno if he was okay and came close to him, so Yuno could grab his hand and get up. Asta called Yuno a crybaby and told him it is okay since he got his back. Then, Asta and Yuno kept running along the trail, holding hands, and Asta commented that Sister Lily and the other orphans were waiting for them at the top. Asta started making a tantrum because he wanted to marry Lily. Yuno explained him that was not possible since Lily was a member of the cloth. Asta told Yuno that he was not finished yet and that he would definitely marry her one day as an adult, at which Lily smiled.

Later in the church, Lily read to Yuno and Asta a story about how the Wizard King came to exist. After a demon had brought darkness and threatened to destroy the world, a brave mage fought and defeated the demon, returning dawn to the world. While doing so, Yuno appeared frightened and Asta was really into the story. The story ended and Yuno and Asta seemed very inspired.

One day, Asta was admiring the view of the Wizard King's statue on top of the giant skull outside the church. Asta asked Lily if the Wizard King was an important person, to which the sister agreed and added that he was the most important person after the King. Asta stood on top of the fence outside the orphanage and told them that he had made up his mind: He would become the Wizard King. Lily seemed very surprised and Asta proceeded to list why he wanted to be the Wizard King. After that, Asta asked Lily if she would marry him since he was going to be the Wizard King, to which Lily responded that it was a completely different subject. Asta kept asking and the sister kept saying no. Yuno released a giggle about this.

On December 12, Asta was practicing his magic with no results. He seemed to be frustrated over why he could not use his magic yet. Lily passed by carrying a laundry basket and Asta told her that he would help her with the laundry, for which Lily thanked him. He then told her to marry him and she immediately answered, "No." He tried to ask her again but she kept interrupting him and refusing. Yuno came by trying to stop baby Nash crying, and Asta told Yuno to not start crying, too. Asta said that because he was going to become the Wizard King, there was no difficulty in stopping one baby's cry or two. When Asta grabbed Nash, he started to shake the baby in a rough way, causing Nash to cry even more. Lily was able to stop Nash crying and Asta seemed quite surprised. Recca mocked Asta because he declared himself to be the Wizard King in a future. Father Orsi asked the orphans to deliver a letter to another town. Asta volunteered but Orsi chose Yuno instead. Asta told Yuno that he would go, but Yuno refused and grabbed the letter and left.

In the town, Yuno delivered the letter and then was accosted by a drunkard, who took the boy's necklace. Asta noted that Yuno was running late. Yuno attempted to fight back with his Wind Magic, but the drunkard mocked him and his weak magic. Suddenly Asta ran in and tried to tackle the man, who knocked Asta aside. However, each time he was hit, Asta kept getting up and demanding the necklace. Seeing the bloodied and bruised boy's determination, the man eventually gave up and dropped the necklace. Yuno apologized for getting Asta hurt, but Asta reminded him that he would always have Yuno's back.[1]

Back in the present, Revchi Salik freaks out about the grimoire and sword that appeared, while a devil-shaped shadow appears on the wall behind Asta. A swing from the sword nullifies Revchi's Chain Magic. As he slams the sword into Revchi, Asta declares that he will become the Wizard King despite not having magic and that not giving up is his magic. Revchi is knocked unconscious and sent crashing into a wall. Asta explains that he trained his body physically since he did not have magic. Asta and Yuno recall the promise they made to each other and reaffirm their vow to become the Wizard King.[2]


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