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Destruction and Salvation 「崩壊と救済 Hōkai to Kyūsai」 is the 19th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


After Asta collapses, Noelle Silva orders Mimosa Vermillion to go heal Asta instead. Mars, who was not defeated by Asta's attack, stands back up.[1] Seeing Mimosa healing Asta, Mars is reminded of the Diamond Kingdom's experiments, where he befriended fellow student Fana and was forced to kill her.[2]

Angered, Mars creates another Laevateinn and brings it down on Mimosa and Asta. Klaus Lunettes, Yuno, and Luck Voltia struggle to free themselves from their crystal restraints. In a burst of strength, Yuno manages to break free but then panics as he does not have a spell to stop the giant sword in time.[3]

Suddenly, time slows down and Yuno notices a small girl next to him. She yawns and then blows a gust of wind, which shatters Mars' spells and slams him into a wall, defeating him. The others are confused as to what just happened. Asta's new sword then disappears into his grimoire, triggering the collapse of the dungeon.[4]

Yuno creates a Heavenly Wind Ark and the Magic Knights gather on it. Asta pleads for them to take Mars, too, but the ceiling collapses and buries the Mage Warrior. Under Luck's direction, the ark reaches the surface.[5]

Lotus Whomalt escapes after them having hidden his Bustling Lazy Vehicle and followed the other group; the cart is also carrying the other Diamond mages, including Mars. As the cart flies away, Mars' memories return to him and he thanks Lotus for saving him, while remembering the promise he made to Fana.[6]

After Asta is mostly healed, Klaus hugs him and Yuno and apologizes.[7]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

So You Can Say It 「ちゃんといえるじゃん Chanto ieru jan」: Lotus tests what else Mars can say.


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