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Memories of You 「追憶の君 Tsuioku no Kimi」 is the 18th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


After Klaus Lunettes restrains the defeated Mars, Asta cuts through the magic door, and the Golden Dawns and Black Bulls rush in to investigate the dungeon's treasures. Yuno finds a scroll with strange writing, which glows and then disappears. Nero points Asta to a lock on the wall, but the boy does not understand.

Suddenly, Mars frees himself and storms the treasury, coated in Heavy Armored Titan and Phoenix Feathers Robe. Since the other boys are trapped, Asta rushes forward but is knocked through a wall. Noelle Silva tries to extinguish the healing flames, but Mars knocks her aside. Mimosa Vermillion rushes to Noelle's side and begins healing her. Seeing this, Mars attacks the girls.

Nero flies through the wall after Asta and lands atop a sword. With this new sword, Asta returns to the battle and defends the girls. When Asta's strike against Mars is quickly healed, Noelle cheers Asta on and his new sword begins to glow.

Mars and Asta attack each other again, but this time Asta's sword swing releases a blade of water, which hits Mars and extinguishes the flames. Asta then collapses because one of Mars' Harpes hit the boy's stomach.



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Long-Suffering 「我慢強い Gamanzuyoi」: Mars talks about his two magic attributes with Klaus.


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