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Destroyer 「破壊者 Hakaisha」 is the 17th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Lotus Whomalt tries to escape but Asta, Noelle Silva, and Luck Voltia give chase. Unfortunately, Lotus does end up getting away but he is confident that Mars, the Diamond Kingdom mage, can handle it from here. Klaus Lunettes notices the mage stones embedded into Mars's forehead. He believes Mars's magic has been amplified artificially. The Diamond Kingdom has been embedding magical objects into people's bodies so that they can amplify their power. Klaus attacks Mars but he blocks it with a Talos Puppet.

Yuno fights Mars but no matter what he throws at him it does not seem to make a dent. Mars says that his magic has no effect on him and that it is no use. This reminds Yuno of when Asta and he were kids. Asta used to ask Yuno to help him train and how he would not give up until he touched Yuno. Yuno continues to fight even though Mars keeps telling him to give up. Mars brings down his Laevateinn to crush Yuno, but Asta arrives just in time to cut it in half. Asta challenges Yuno to see who can bring Mars down first. Klaus cannot believe that Asta was able to save Yuno when their magic was not working and cannot accept that he was saved by a Black Bull. Mars creates many mineral clones and Asta attacks him. He manages to hit Mars and sends him flying across the room. Luck goes around and starts destroying all of the clones.

Klaus is still in shock that someone without magic can be so strong. Noelle tells him that Asta's power is negating magic. Klaus thinks that he got lucky getting that power. Mars returns with Heavy Armored Titan and squashes Asta. He asks Asta what he is and Asta tells him that he was born without power and that he is going to be the Wizard King. He jumps and shatters the armor, sending Mars falling to the ground. Yuno remembers when they were children and how Asta kept trying to get through his magic until he succeeded.


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

The Treasure Hall 「宝物殿 Hōmotsuden」: Asta and Noelle open a treasure chest.


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