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Dante vs. the Captain of the Black Bulls 「ダンテVSバーサス黒の暴牛団長 Dante Bāsasu Kuro no Bōgyū Danchō」 is the 163rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Following Asta cutting his face, Dante Zogratis resorts to Heavy Infighting, barraging Asta with punches. Meanwhile, Grey cries over Gauche Adlai and wishes for him to live.

In the past, Grey worked as a servant for her step-mother, who disliked the sight of Grey and would knock over buckets of ashes onto the girl. Grey's step-sisters laughed at Grey's plight and mocked her name and dusty, disgusting appearance. One day, the step-sisters demonstrated magic from their grimoires for their mother. Watching from the doorway, Grey hoped that she would be able to do the same once she got her own grimoire. She then accidentally stumbled through the door. Her step-sisters accused her of spying, and her step-mother ordered her to resume working. After Grey had received her grimoire, she hurried home but, upon finding the grimoire to be empty inside, hid it from her family. She focused on working hard and secretly practicing magic in the hopes that her family's view of her would one day change.

Five years later, her step-sisters confronted her and demanded to see the magic she had been practicing. She transformed into their likeness, which shocked and appalled them. Outraged that she would take the face their mother gave them, they demanded that she change back, and when she was unable to do so, they chased her out of the house. As Grey ran into the night, she came across some bandits in the woods. The bandits recognized her disguise as one of the Whiteley Family so they plotted to take and hold her for ransom. Before they could grab her though, Gauche Adlai used Reflect Refrain to strike them down. Grey attempted to thank him, but he only did so at Marie's request. As Gauche gushed over Marie, Grey was surprised that siblings could share such a close bond. Marie suggested that Grey return home. Gauche echoed the sentiment and advised that Grey would not survive in the world if she did not have the resolve to survive by her own hands. As Gauche and Marie left, Grey reverted back to her real form.

Some time later, Grey had taken on a large, intimidating appearance. Yami Sukehiro liked the form and recruited her into the Black Bull squad. There, she reencountered Gauche but he did not recognize her. Regardless, she was grateful for him indirectly leading her to the squad, where she felt that she truly belonged and made dear friends who were like family. Back in the present, she wishes to save him and for him to look at her more. As she holds her hands out over him, the rock sword dissolves and the wound closes up, which astonishes Vanessa Enoteca.

Dante also notices Grey's feat and finishes beating up Asta, knocking him unconscious and letting him drop to the ground. Delighted to find another Arcane Stage woman, Dante claims both Vanessa and Grey as his women. However, Yami's Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash forces Dante away from them. Dante looks up to see Yami standing in mid-air, with Finral Roulacase peering out of a spatial portal.[1] The Black Bulls are delighted to see their captain. Yami threatens Dante for the treatment of his subordinates, and Dante thanks him for the malice and then increases gravity in the area. Finral is unable to maintain his portal and falls. Yami catches him and lands, using Reinforcement Magic to brace himself. Yami then combines Mana Zone with Black Hole to create Black Moon, which generates a field that negates Gravity Magic's effects. Dante tests the defense by launching a boulder at it, but Yami use Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash to cut it in half. Impressed that Yami's spell cuts space, Dante shapes a boulder into a sword for himself and engages Yami in close-quarters combat. Despite Dante's speed, Yami is still able to predict his movements through the combination of Mana Zone and ki-sensing. Yami is creeped out by Dante's knowledge and compliments for him. Dante then mentions that Yami is critical in connecting the world with the underworld. Dante explains that he is jealous of Yami's collection of Arcan Stage mages, and thanks him for the new malice. As Dante claims the Arcane Mages to be his now, he begins rapidly warping, jumping around the battlefield. Yami refuses to let Dante take any of the subordinates that he had recruited because he liked them. Yami then sheathes his katana and condenses his Mana Zone, waiting for Dante to attack. Dante appears behind Yami, but as soon as Dante touches the edge of the Mana Zone, Yami draws his sword and slashes Dante across the chest.[2]

Meanwhile, in the Heart Kingdom, Lolopechka is using water streams to combat a forest fire and evacuate civilians from the area. She is then startled to learn that the four Spirit Guardians were defeated by Vanica Zogratis's Dark Disciples. After Gadjah heads out to fight, Lolopechka considers recalling the Magic Knights that she had sent to support the Spirit Guardians, but Noelle Silva and Mimosa Vermillion convince her to believe in her allies.

Svenkin Gatard stands gloating over the defeated Smurik before chasing after fleeing civilians. Luck Voltia arrives in time to save the woman and child. Svenkin realizes that Luck is not from the Heart Kingdom and suggests that he not get involved. Luck refuses and punches Svenkin in the chest, but Svenkin's Skin Magic absorbs the force of the punch. Svenkin counters with his own punch to Luck's head and sends him ricocheting back. After launching himself into the air, Luck fires off Thunderclap Crumbling Orbs, but they too are blocked by Svenkin's magic. Svenkin boasts that his magic's abilities make him the ultimate spear and shield.

After rebuffing another of Luck's attacks, Svenkin estimates Luck's strength to be First Stage at best and suggests that he use his speed to flee, which Luck refuses once again because he is having too much fun. Luck asks why Svenkin is attacking these people, to which Svenkin explains that he adores Vanica and does anything she asks. When Svenkin turns the question back at Luck, the Black Bull explains that he protects people because he is a Magic Knight.[3] During his Mana Method training, Luck had asked Gadjah about learning Gadjah's True Lightning Magic spell. Gadjah explained that True Magic generates the real element and would take too much time to master. He also advised that Luck develop a spell better suited to his skills: equipment spells and creating rune arrays near his hands and feet. Luck uses a series of arrays to quickly jump around to behind Svenkin and land a kick to his face, but Svenkin's Skin Magic still absorbed the kick since it automatically detects and reacts to opponents' attacks. To dodge Svenkin's counterattack, Luck uses an array to separate the part of the boot stuck in Svenkin's face. Impressed by the trick, Svenkin decides to display his Skin Fort spell and then barrages the area with Magic Bullets. Even after getting struck, Luck focuses on creating arrays to move faster. Eventually, Luck surpasses the detection speed of Svenkin's Skin Magic, and although the damage from it is minimal, his kick knocks Svenkin up onto a rooftop. Svenkin decides to boost his skin's hardness to its maximum so Luck's speed will not matter. However, Luck perches in midair and creates a stack of five rune arrays. As the power charges, Svenkin begins to panic. Luck then shoots through Svenkin's defense like a lightning bolt, piercing his torso. As Luck lands on a rooftop behind Svenkin, he thanks the Dark Disciple for the fun fight.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Today's the Day 「今日こそ Kyō koso」: Grey pledges to thank Gauche for saving her all those years ago, but is too overcome by shyness as he keeps interrupting her and asking her opinion on Marie.


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