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Zenon's Power 「ゼノンの力 Zenon no Chikara」 is the 161st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Yuno Grinberryall recollects his memories with the Golden Dawn squad and how considerate and friendly they had become. In the present, Gaderois Godroc tells Yuno that he has killed half of his comrades and left others barely alive. Gaderois also adds that they should be honored of being beaten by someone strong like him. Yuno uses Spirit Storm but Gaderois blocks and destroys the spell. Gaderois feels excited to face a Spirit Magic user, but also warns Yuno that his Stone Magic has been enhanced with devil power and counterattacks Yuno. Using Spirit's Hushed Dance, Yuno evades Gaderois attacks and also saves his injured comrades. Gaderois feels lucky to meet a Stage Zero mage other than the Magic Knights Captain. Gaderois introduces himself and asks for Yuno's name, but Yuno refuses to give his name and attacks with Crescent Kamaitachi.

As the fight progress, Yuno asks Gaderois for his reason to fight, to which Gaderois replies that the Dark Triad has come here for the Stage Zero mage but he has just come to use his magic. Gaderois praises the strength of the Dark Triad and also criticizes the former Spade King. Upset by these remarks, Yuno asks what Gaderois feels when he kills people. Gaderois responds with a devilish smile that the destruction and fights he is involved with are all thrilling and exciting to him, and accuses Yuno of being the same as he is also strong. Enraged, Yuno attacks Gaderois with Spirit of Zephyr. Though Gaderois is able to block the spell, the wind accelerates and erodes his stone armor, enabling Yuno to cut through his stone armor. Yuno declares to himself that regardless of his status as a Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom or a Prince of the Spade Kingdom, he will stop the people who have warped the world and break the chain of curses.[1]

In the courtyard of the Golden Dawn base, Klaus Lunettes and two others Magic Knights are surrounded by mist. Klaus feels unsure about the enemy's location. Foyal Migusteau appears in front of him and compliments his magic. Klaus uses Blazing Spiral Lance to attack Foyal but it was a mist clone. Foyal bombards the Knights with condensed water bullets and defeats them while boasting about him being a Stage Zero Mage. In another part of the courtyard, Letoile Becquerel takes shelter in her Another Atlas spell, and thinks about how she has to do something or they will all be annihilated. Letoile feels useless as she is unable to locate the enemy's real body, and also remembers William Vangeance saying that they should use the remnant elves' power to protect their kingdom. Foyal asks the battered Klaus to surrender, Klaus rises back up and refuses to give up until his will has been broken. Foyal decides to finish off Klaus but suddenly his mists are blown away by Yuno's Wind Magic. Foyal finds Yuno to be his natural enemy and restrains him with Sealing Spectral Hands before he can attack again. Using the opportunity, Letoile encloses the real Foyal in Another Atlas, and Klaus delivers the final blow. Klaus, Leotile and Yuno have a short reunion, but it is interrupted as the ceiling crashes from Zenon Zogratis and William's fight.[2]

As the three of them see that the captain has been defeated, Klaus wonders just who or what Zenon is. Yuno remembers Zenon's face from the memories that Ralph Niaflem showed him. Zenon notes that Gaderois and Foyal failed and that there is no point in bringing along anyone who is not over 50%. Terrified by Zenon, Sylph tells Yuno to activate his Spirit Dive spell. Zenon attacks with Eternal Fangs, which overpowers Klaus and Leotile but Yuno cuts through the bones. Yuno looks back to find his comrades skewered. Enraged by the sight, Yuno charges at Zenon but his Spirit of Zephyr cannot cut through the bones due to Zenon's incredible regeneration. Noticing that Yuno is a Stage Zero mage, Zenon reveals 55% of his devil's power showing the devil behind him. Zenon comments that Yuno is not weak but he is just far stronger and destroys his Spirit of Zephyr with his bone sword. Zenon defeats Yuno while saying it is for the benefit of the Spade Kingdom.

Later, Ralph manages to reach the Golden Dawn base and notices that the building has been destroyed. He enters and sees Yuno's grimoire laying on the ground. Ralph is shocked to see Sylph crying and a sword piercing Yuno's abdomen.[3] Ralph reaches out to Yuno and the Sylph starts to fade. Both of them refuse to let Yuno die. Suddenly a surge of mana appears and a tree starts to grow, much to Ralph's confusion. Sylph realizes that this is William's World Tree Magic. The Budding of Yggdrasil spell heals all who are wounded, and as the Knights wake up, they note how William helped despite being badly wounded. As the Knights check around, they discover that only the people on verge of death were saved and that half the Golden Dawn are dead. Yuno thinks about how if only he was stronger and yells out.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

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