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The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom 「スペード王国の使者 Supēdo Ōkoku no Shisha」 is the 160th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


In the Golden Dawn base, the Magic Knights comment about Yuno's performance and popularity. Back in Hage, Father Orsi and Sylph are astonished as Yuno being the Prince of the Spade Kingdom. Ralph Niaflem questions about the creature to which the Sylph introduces herself as the Wind Spirit. Father Orsi inquires about Asta, as he was left beside Yuno when he found them, but Ralph replies that he has no idea about Asta. Yuno starts questioning Ralph but afraid Yuno will not believe him, Ralph introduces himself first and uses Trace Mirage on Yuno to have a look at his past.

In the past, people of Spade Kingdom celebrated the birth of its new prince as a new ray of light. King Loyce named the baby as Yuno and gifted him a magic stone from his last expedition. People from the Spade Kingdom adored Yuno, while Ralph's father advised Ralph that it is their duty to maintain peace in the Kingdom. Loyce appreciated the Zogratis siblings for completing their mission, but Ralph's father felt ominous about them and asked Ralph to keep an eye on them. Ralph wondered about his father's words but sooner regretted it as the Zogratis siblings committed treason. Zenon and Vanica Zogratis disposed of the soldiers, while Dante Zogratis overtook the throne from House Grinberryall and noticed Yuno to be missing.

Ralph's father escaped with baby Yuno while Ralph bought him some time. Ralph's father struggled with wounds to get across the Grand Magic Zone while the Dark Triad soldiers followed him by the order of Zenon. With the last bit of his mana, Ralph's father delivered Yuno in front of a church and died along with his pursuers, entrusting the future to Ralph. Yuno exits the vision and Ralph tries to convince Yuno that what he has shown is the truth. David Swallow contacts Yuno and tells him that the Golden Dawn base is under attack.

At the Golden Dawn's base, Zenon is attacking with the Dark Disciples Gaderois Godroc and Foyal Migusteau. The Disciples ask if they can go berserk, and Zenon tells them that they can kill all they want but to leave the Arcane Stage mage alive.[1] Yuno flies off from Hage while Ralph warns him that a member from Dark Triad could be there. Back at Golden Dawn base, the Magic Knights notice the attackers are from the Spade Kingdom and attack them in unison. The Dark Disciples are found to be unharmed and Zenon seems to be missing. Gaderois mocks their inability to harm them and adds that it is not all the Golden Dawns' fault since the Dark Disciples are all hand picked elite that are compatible with the power they got from the Dark Triad and that they are all Stage Zero mages. Foyal uses his Mist Magic and disappears, Siren Tium charges at Gaderois but is overpowered by the latter. Gaderois defeats the other Magic Knights in a single sweep while commenting that the devil power can boost their magic to different level. Gaderois adds that the army captain can use around 5% and he can unleash 40% of the devil's power whereas Zenon can use around 80% of the devil's power.

Zenon finds William Vangeance and says he has been looking him for a while. William notices the bizarre magic power possessed by Zenon. Alecdora Sandler steps in to fight Zenon, determined by his duty and attacks using Sand-Armored Dreadnought Guard. Zenon uses Bone Magic to break the spell and to pierce Alecdora, but William's Magic Warding Ash saves Alecdora from further injury. William warns Zenon that he will not allow him to harm the Golden Dawn Magic Knights. Zenon comments about how he will take William's World Tree Magic for the benefit of the Spade Kingdom, while using his Eternal Fangs to attack. Yuno arrives outside the base and is shocked by the sight of the destroyed base and wounded Magic Knights. As Gaderois welcomes him, Yuno enters Spirit Dive and angrily demands to know what Gaderois has done to his comrades.[2]

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Petit Clover[]

Yuno's Fan Clubs 「ユノのファンクラブ Yuno no Fankurabu」: David is surprised to learn that Yuno has a fan club within the Golden Dawn. The president of the club brags about the Yuno-themed memorabilia she has. She even follows Yuno on social media.


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