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Friends 「仲間 Nakama」 is the 16th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


In a flashback, Yuno and Asta talk about how they are more family to each other than any real family they had. Luck Voltia is considered creepy because he is such a happy go lucky child, constantly smiling. His mom hits him and abuses him until he discovers his lightning magic. He uses his magic to defeat a noble which instills fear in his peers. His mom learns about this and tells him that nobody is going to help him in the world. That he must use his magic to continue winning. With this second wind, Luck attacks Lotus Whomalt. Lotus uses his magic to bind Luck in solid smoke. Mimosa Vermillion uses her magic to heal herself while Klaus Lunettes and Yuno face off against the Diamond mage, Mars. Noelle Silva senses Luck's magic as they race down a corridor. Asta wants to go help him but Noelle says that maybe they should leave the fighting to Luck and get to the treasure chamber first. Klaus instructs Yuno to head to the treasure chamber while he deals with the mage. The Diamond mage sends his magic at Klaus but Yuno intervenes. Asta cuts through Lotus's spell and frees Luck. Klaus asks why Yuno came back to save him and Yuno says it is because they are friends that they will defeat the mage and go together. Asta and Noelle try to help Luck but Luck says that he does not need any friends and can defeat Lotus himself. Asta helps him out anyways and Luck realizes that he has never been alone. Lotus envelops them in a Degenerate King's Smoke Prison. Luck uses his lightning to shepherd Lotus in a certain direction so that Asta can hit him with his sword. Luck realizes that teamwork is important. Meanwhile, Yuno and Klaus are having little effect on the Diamond mage.


Magic and Spells used[]

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Petit Clover[]

Family 「家族 Kazoku」: Mimosa imagines Klaus and Yuno as family.


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