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The Five Spirit Guardians 「5人の精霊守 Gonin no Seirei no Kami」 is the 155th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover and the first episode of the fourth season.


The time has come for the Clover Kingdom Magic Knights to train with the Spirit Guardians in the Heart Kingdom. The members of the Black Bull squad who will be participating are outside their base, talking about how much stronger they will get and remembering the promises they have made. Finral Roulacase opens a portal and the Black Bulls travel through it to the Heart Kingdom Royal Palace. Once there, they see that the other Magic Knights who will be participating in the Heart Kingdom training; Leopold Vermillion, Mimosa Vermillion, Captain Charlotte Roselei, and Captain Rill Boismortier, have already arrived.

Gadjah meets the Clover Kingdom mages and invites them inside. Once in the throne room, Lolopechka welcomes them and apologizes for the lack of celebration that would normally be held in honor of their visit. The Magic Knights are surprised to see Charmy Pappitson lying on Lolopechka's lap. Charmy replies that she came to the Heart Kingdom to try the delicious food.

Lolopechka asks Gadjah to explain the training that they came for. Gadjah begins by explaining that the Spade Kingdom has already conquered most of the Diamond Kingdom and it would not be very long before Spade starts to focus on the Heart and Clover Kingdoms. Gadjah introduces the Spirit Guardians who would be training them, who appear on magical screens. The Spirit Guardian of Earth - Sarado, The Spirit Guardian of Plants - Potrof, The Spirit Guardian of Fire - Floga, and The Spirit Guardian of Wind - Smurik.

Gadjah says that Mimosa and Captain Charlotte would be training with Sarado, Finral would be training with Smurik, Rill would train with Potrof, and the rest would be paired up based on their Magic Attributes; the Fire mages would work with Floga and Luck Voltia would train with Gadjah himself. Asta asks about himself, but Gadjah states that it would be pointless, since Asta has no magic. Asta questions why he even had to come and Gadjah explains that Asta is an Arcane stage Mage, and therefore vital. Gadjah requests a battle with Asta to get a feel for his strength. Lolopechka states that she and Undine will oversee the training of Secre Swallowtail and Noelle Silva themselves. Magna Swing requests that he be allowed to train under Gadjah instead of Floga, so as to keep his rivalry with Luck. Gadjah agrees to this. Gadjah also informs them that once they show improvement, they will rotate to other Spirit Guardians so as to learn even more and keep their skill set well rounded.

Asta explains that Luck and Magna both have natural element Attributes, which makes them both well suited for the Heart Kingdom technique. Gadjah shows them how to shape natural mana into mana words, and explains that these mana words allow one to add simple commands for their spells to follow. Gadjah demonstrates by having Asta dodge a lightning ball which continues to chase after him afterwards.

In the middle of a field, Sarado explains to Charlotte and Mimosa that plants grow from the earth, and that to strengthen their plant based magic they should begin with the soil. Sarado decides to give them a demonstration by raising some earth pillars that stop just short of hitting the Clover mages before disappearing. Sarado explains that regardless of a mages Attribute, you have to be in tune with nature. Charlotte and Mimosa question how it works. Sarado tries to explain by describing the feelings she feels when it happens, but this only confuses her new pupils.

In the mountains, Smurik explains to Finral that all the winds from around the Kingdom pass through the valley in front of them. Smurik admits he was hoping to train the one who had been chosen by the wind spirit, but got Finral instead. Smurik creates wind swords all around Finral and says that it is his move. Finral opens a portal to escape, but finds more wind swords beyond the exit portal. Smurik states that Finral believes Spatial Magic is for support and that he needs to develop skills in direct combat.

In a mild volcanic region, Floga notes that it is a nice day for training and Leopold is eager to get started. Floga asks for a demonstration of Leopolds Magic at 80%. After seeing what Leopold can do, Floga is impressed and notes that Leopold has great potential. Leopold believes that it is not good enough. Leopold asks to see Floga's magic. Floga creates a massive upward flame blast. Leopold apologizes for doubting Floga. Floga states the Leopold has greater potential than his own and he will get much stronger once he learns to use natural mana.

Back in the palace, Magna is struggling with making mana words. Gadjah explains that Magna, a fifth stage mage, did not have strong enough mana and that a mage needs to be at least third stage before they can use the technique in combat. Meanwhile, Luck was making mana words easily, much to Magna's frustration. Asta wants to go after Magna, but Luck says to let him go. Gadjah apologizes for the wait and asks to begin the fight with Asta.

In the forest, Potrof says that he will begin by teaching Rill how to bask in natural mana. Potrof states that the forest is full of life, which means it is also rich with mana. Rill states that begins to feel the natural mana now that Potrof has pointed it out. Potrof begins to explain the Heart Kingdoms technique of using natural mana and demonstrates by growing a bunch of trees. Rill notes that he is feeling inspired by Potrof's Magic and Potrof tells him to go with it, but instead making mana words, Rill just paints the scenery. Potrof tells Rill to try directly writing the mana words with his paint, which seems to work. Rill continues to paint, making his artwork even more amazing, much to Potrof's frustration.

Charmy shows up in the forest on the hunt for anything edible after having eaten all the food in the palace. Potrof offer to teach her the Heart Kingdom technique as well. Charmy is not interested at first, but then uses mana words to find food. Potrof tries to explain more, but Charmy and Rill are only interested in finding more food and other artistic inspiration, respectively.

In the Palace, Lolopechka explains to Noelle and Secre that she needs them to rescue her from Megiculas curse. Lolopechka states that they will be the ones who defeat Megicula and tells them about Megicula's host, Vanica Zogratis. Undine explains that she and Lolopechka were no match for Vanica, and because of her weakness, Lolopechka was cursed. Lolopechka insists that it is not Undine's fault and that a devil host cannot be beaten by normal means. Lolopechka believes that she and Undine alongside Noelle and Secre create the best possible chance to take down Vanica and Megicula. The two girls begin training by fighting Lolopechka's water Knights.

In the mountains, Finral is getting better at using his portals to send attacks back at his opponent, but Smurik notes that he needs to better read his opponents attacks. In the field, Charlotte and Mimosa try fighting Sarado, but they keep getting overwhelmed by her earth attacks. In the volcanic region, Leopold is learning how to amplify his flames. In the forest, Gadjah is fighting against Black Asta, but the boy is unable to land a hit. Gadjah states that the power to nullify magic is unbeatable, but Asta is too narrow minded to use it to its full potential. Gadjah tries to give Asta advice, but Asta only continues to try powering through.

In a volcanic area of the Clover Kingdom, Yami Sukehiro listens to a report from from Finral, who states that their training is going very well, even though it is only the first day. Yami decides to up his own game as well.

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