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Vice-Captain Langris Vaude 「副団長ランギルス・ヴォード Fuku-danchō Rangirusu Vōdo」 is the 154th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover and the final episode of the third year.


At the Golden Dawns base, David Swallow and some other Magic Knights are talking about Yuno being promoted to First Class Senior Magic Knight and how he could soon end up usurping the position of vice-captain from Langris Vaude. They accidentally bump into Langris, who had overheard everything they were saying.

Langris meets with Captain William Vangeance who asks Langris if it is time he got back to his duties. Langris says that he needs a little more time and leaves the room.

Langris meets with Finesse Calmreich for tea and asks her if his brother has been in contact with her. Finesse shows him a stack of letters that she got from Finral. She admits that she finds it odd that he is using his Spatial Magic to send her letters when he could be using it to actually come visit. Langris theorizes that Finral is doing so as part of his training.

In the Black Bulls base, Finral sneezes. Noelle Silva asks if he is getting sick. He flirts with her out of habit and starts bashing his head against the floor to punish himself.

Back with Finesse and Langris, he asks her about what was in the letters and she replies that Finral will be going to train in the Heart Kingdom. Finesse is worried about him needing to go to another land and asks if there is going to be another big battle. She tried to get Finral to tell her face to face after pulling him through one of his mail portals. Langris assures her that she does not need to worry. Finesse notes that Finral and Langris are very much alike. This angers Langris and he demands that she never compare them. Langris apologizes for his outburst. Finesse starts coughing and Langris asks if she is alright. She assumes him that it is just her usual cough. Langris says he has important business to attend to and Finesse asks if that means he has returned to his duties as vice-captain. Langris simply leaves and thanks her for the tea.

In the courtyard of the Golden Dawns base, many of the Magic Knights are relaxing and playing board games. Langris approaches Yuno, who is lying on the grass, and challenges him to a duel. Yuno does not hesitate to accept. Alecdora Sandler informs William of the fight.

In the field outside of the Golden Dawn's base, Yuno and Langris stand opposite of each other. Langris proposes a wager that whomever loses must resign from the Golden Dawn, surprising the other Golden Dawn members who came to watch the fight.

Back during the aftermath of the Diamond Kingdom's attack on Kiten, Langris told Yuno that his friends were an embarrassment, but Yuno blatantly denied that, saying that Asta is his rival in the race to become Wizard King. Yuno declared that before becoming Wizard King, he would become Captain of the Golden Dawn.

In the present, Langris reminds Yuno of what he said back then and points out that if he wins, then the current vice-captain would resign, putting Yuno one step closer to the top. Yuno tells Langris to stop talking and start fighting. The other Golden Dawn members note that things are elevating. Alecdora wants to stop the fight, but William decides to allow them to proceed.

Langris throws a large Spatial Magic attack at Yuno, but Yuno tilts his head to the side, dodging the attack and causing it to hit the rock behind him. Langris continues to attack and Yuno counters with his Wind Blades Shower. Langris teleports the wind blades out of existence, but one manages to get through and cut his squad robe. Langris admits that he was being careless. Yuno accuses Langris of holding back and asks him to start fighting for real. Langris summons his Archangel Shootdown and Yuno activates Spirit Dive. Langris sends his barrage at Yuno, but Yuno dodges them using Spirit's Hushed Dance. Yuno attacks with Spirit Storm, but his attack is stopped by the automatic defense spell that Ratri used while possessing Langris's body, a spell that Langris should no longer be able to use. Langris can still feel faint traces of elven magic still inside him.

Langris sends more spatial orbs at Yuno. As Yuno is flying to get away from them, he tries to attack Langris, but his attacks are stopped by the spatial barrier. Langris appears to actually hit Yuno with his Archangel Shootdown, but it turns out to have just been an afterimage. The real Yuno appears behind Langris with his Spirit of Zephyr to Langris's neck, winning the fight.

Langris tells Yuno to go ahead and laugh, having been beaten despite giving his all. Yuno notes that Langris did not get serious until halfway through the fight, and before that point was trying to lose. Langris admits that Yuno is correct, he had hoped that he could resign with some dignity. Langris accuses himself of being shamed after losing while fighting for real, but Yuno declares that Langris is not in shame, as it was a very difficult fight. Langris does not care about the difficulty Yuno dealt with and says that only the victory itself is important. Langris states that he will leave the Golden Dawn as promised, but Yuno points out that he never actually agreed to that wager. Langris still intends to leave and tells Yuno to take good care of the squad. Yuno calls out to Langris and tells him that if he had gone all out from the beginning, then he might have won. Yuno asks Langris to fight him again some day.

Langris apologizes to William for not consulting him. William states that Langris did not need to resort to some big performance in order to resign. William assures him that this is not the end of his journey and that he is still part of the Golden Dawn.

Langris, clad in a cloak, visits Finesse. She asks about his outfit and he tells her that he is going on a journey. Finral pokes his head through a portal and says hello to Finesse. Finral asks his brother about the cloak and Langris mockingly guesses that Finral wanted to pay a visit to Finesse before heading to the Heart Kingdom. Finral admits that Langris is correct. Langris says he still has not decided to let Finral win the love of Finesse. Langris leaves on his journey.

At the Black Bulls Base, Charmy Pappitson is making a meal for those going to the Heart Kingdom, since they will need to keep their strength up. Gordon Agrippa expects that he will also be invited to the Heart Kingdom, even though he already has plans to train his Curse Magic with his father; however, his squadmates do not even notice he is there. Magna Swing asks if he can go, and Yami Sukehiro confirms that he can. Yami tells his subordinates that they will be going to the Heart Kingdom tomorrow. Noelle resolves to get stronger and defeat Megicula.

Magic and Spells used[]

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Petit Clover[]

If You're Going to Quit Being Vice-Captain 「副団長、辞めるなら Fuku-danchō, Yamerunara」: Since Langris has quit the position of vice-captain, William suggests other duties for him, like serving lunch, erasing chalkboards, and tending school animals.


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