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The Diamond Mage 「ダイヤモンドの魔導戦士 Daiyamondo no Madōsenshi」 is the 15th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Alecdora Sandler asks William Vangeance why he sent Yuno to explore the dungeon. Captain Vangeance tells him to trust him because he trusts Yuno. Klaus Lunettes asks Yuno why he saved Asta and Noelle Silva, as their only mission is to explore the dungeon. Mimosa Vermillion says hello to Noelle and reveals to Asta that she is Noelle's cousin. Noelle is not at all happy to see her and believes that Mimosa is as rude as ever when she asks Noelle how her magic is going. Mimosa brags about them earning a star but Asta and Noelle tell them that they too earned a star. Klaus does not believe them. Klaus asks where the third member of their group is but Noelle and Asta do not know. Klaus says that they are an embarrassment to the Magic Knights. Asta retorts that they are going to be the first to explore the dungeon. Klaus and Asta get into an argument over their captains while Yuno, Mimosa, and Noelle watch. Mimosa uses her magic to learn the layout of the dungeon and Yuno carries them off. Asta and Noelle follow after them. Both Asta and Yuno wonder who is going to get to the treasure chamber first. Nero helps guide Asta and Noelle through the dungeon. Meanwhile, Yuno tells Klaus not to underestimate Asta.

A messenger reports to the Wizard King that a Diamond Kingdom squad, led by the Lotus Whomalt, is also at the dungeon. The Wizard King does not seem worried because he knows that those he sent to investigate are strong. Luck defeats Lotus's subordinates and faces off against Lotus himself. Lotus explains that they are invading Clover Kingdom because they are running out of resources, but Luck is only interested in fighting. The room suddenly starts to spin and Luck wonders how if he had not gotten hit by any of Lotus's magic. Lotus reveals that the whole room is filled with his magic. He cast the spell to weaken his abilities while Luck was fighting his subordinates.

The Golden Dawns arrive at two large doors. Mimosa suddenly gets hit by magic and collapses. She is injured by a Diamond Kingdom mage. Luck continues to weaken but suddenly gets a second wind and attacks Lotus with more Lightning Magic.


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

A Lotus That Won't Bloom is Just Another Water Lily 「咲かないロータスはただの蓮だねぇ Sakanai Rōtasu wa tada no ren da ne」: Lotus talks about his daughters to Luck.


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