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Two Things We Need to Find 「ふたつのさがしもの Futatsu no Sagashi Mono」 is the 149th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Secre Swallowtail stands on top of the Black Bull base late in evening and reminisces about times long past, specially the day that Lemiel Silvamillion Clover was designing and making notes about a new magic tool that could store and redistribute mana. Secre brought him a cup of tea, but by the time he finished writing, it was already cold, much to Secre's annoyance. Lemiel showed Secre his design and she thought it was fascinating. Lemiel stated that he designed it specifically to help the small population within the Clover Kingdom who have almost no magic power, as it would allow them to use greater amounts of magic, similar to what the elves can do with the magic stones. Lemiel hoped that this invention would save those people from the discrimination they suffer, but there were other things that needed to be handled first.

Secre then remembers Dazu Tayak and the Devil Believers, who committed their crimes because they suffered from the very discrimination that Lemiel was talking about back then. Secre realizes that even after 500 years, the Kingdom has not changed much at all.

The next morning, Secre, Asta, Noelle Silva, Finral Roulacase, and Yami Sukehiro meet with Julius Novachrono, who wants to ask them some questions regarding the Devil Believers. After hearing about Asta's conversation with Dazu, Julius understands why the Devil Believers were formed. Marx Francois enters the room and announces that they have received a message from Lolopechka. Marx establishes communication and Lolopechka begins to explain the reason why she called, but suddenly collapses, seemingly in terrible pain. Julius sends the Black Bulls to go check on Lolopechka, but has Secre stay behind to help him with another matter. Julius has Secre turn back to her human form and asks her to accompany him to the basement library, while Marx takes care of the paperwork to legalize the Black Bulls entry into the Heart Kingdom.

In the Heart Kingdom, after exiting Finral's portal, the Black Bulls find themselves right outside of Lolopechka's palace. Finral, who is exhausted after creating a portal over such a far distance, theorizes that Lolopechka is generating a barrier from her own immense amount of mana that prevented him from creating a portal inside the building. The Black Bulls are confronted by Gadjah, who accuses them of entering the country illegally. He prepares to punish them, but Yami tells him to wait a few minutes while the paperwork for their entry is finished. Gadjah agrees and receives a call telling him that paperwork has been submitted. Gadjah apologizes and escorts them to Lolopechka. She greets them and they are surprised by her casual attire. Finral begins to swoon over her beauty, but quickly berates himself. Lolopechka asks why they have come and they ask why she no longer seems to be in a state of suffering. Lolopechka trips and Undine helps her up. Lolopechka explains that the earlier pain she was suffering was actually a case of tummy trouble. Gadjah takes his leave and Yami has Finral create a portal home for him.

Noelle expresses her relief that it was not Megicula's curse that was causing Lolopechka distress. Lolopechka begins to tell them what she was trying to say earlier before she collapsed, that the Spirit Guardians are ready to train with the Magic Knights from Clover, but then she realizes that her glasses are missing. Undine finds a pair, but they are broken, and she does not have any more pairs because she is always breaking them due to her clumsiness. Asta offers to help her find them, but Lolopechka believes she already knows where to find them.

Lolopechka uses the spell that allows her to oversee the entire Heart Kingdom, focusing on one area in particular. Undine spots the glasses in the possession of a beaver named Mugi, who tends to visit the palace every now and then. Noelle notices that Mugi bears a strong resemblance to Lolopechka's giant beaver rug and is surprised to learn that the rug is actually alive. Lolopechka introduces the rug as Mugi's mother, Big Mugi. The beavers like to stir up trouble and sometimes borrow Lolopechka's things without asking. Asta offers to track down Mugi and get her glasses back, saying it is the least they can do since the Heart Kingdom will be helping them train for the upcoming war with the Spade Kingdom.

After reaching the river where the beavers live and finding their dam, Finral tries to use his Spatial Magic to teleport Mugi and the glasses to himself. Unfortunately, he grabs Mugi by the fur, which beavers do not like, and Mugi bites him and jumps back into the water with the glasses. Noelle tries to chase after Mugi underwater with her Valkyrie Dress, but she gets paralyzed by the beaver's cuteness.

Mugi laughs at them and Asta gets an idea. Asta goes fishing and collects a bucket full of the fish that Mugi likes to eat. Mugi sneaks up behind him to try and get the fish, but Asta is able to sense the beaver's ki approaching. Asta catches Mugi and offers to trade the fish for the glasses, which Mugi accepts. After seeing Asta's sensory technique, Lolopechka and Undine recognize it as the technique used in Hino Country, and the method that Asta used to locate Lolopechka back when they first met. Lolopechka believes that Asta will only continue to get stronger.

The Black Bulls return to the palace and give the glasses back to Lolopechka, but she immediately stumbles and drops them, causing them to break. Noelle questions if Lolopechka actually needs her glasses, as she seems to be able to see just fine in her royal regalia. Undine explains that while wearing her crown, Lolopechka uses Mana Zone to make up for her poor vision, though it would be impractical to do this all the time, as Lolopechka needs to keep some mana in reserve for when she really needs it. Gadjah then returns with a bulk shipment of new glasses for Lolopechka.

Lolopechka, after facing the wrong way and putting her new glasses on, explains that the reason it took so long for the Spirit Guardians to get ready for the joint training was because they needed to be at their very best. She also states that each Spirit Guardian can only train a limited number of mages. Asta gets excited, but Noelle reminds him that he might not be one of the trainees. Lolopechka confirms that Asta and Secre will be necessary due to both of them being Arcane Stage. Asta questions if Julius and Captain Yami would be included as well, but Lolopechka and Gadjah deny this as they are both already impossibly strong, and Yami has apparently already found a way to get stronger.

Back in the Clover Kingdom, Julius informs Secre that he lost the key to a door and has Secre use her Sealing Magic to open it. Upon entering the room, they find Lemiel's old notebook, the same one where he wrote his designs for the tool that stores and distributes magic. Julius correctly assumes that the tool was never perfected due to the technology at the time being not good enough and plans to pass the book along to the Magic Tool Research Lab so that they can develop a way to help the weaker citizens, like the Devil Believers. This reminds Secre of Lemiel, which comforts her.

Asta, Noelle, and Finral return to the Black Bull base and tell Secre that it will soon be time to train with the Spirit Guardians. That evening, Secre promises to become stronger so that she can protect the Kingdom that Lemiel loved.

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