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Becoming the Light That Shines Through the Darkness 「闇を照らす光になる Yami o Terasu Hikari ni naru」 is the 148th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Some time ago, Dazu Tayak paid a visit to Bow Nocde. Dazu was impressed by all the medicines that Bow had made, but Bow denied that they were anything special. Dazu respectfully disagreed and Bow thanked her. Bow demonstrated to Dazu how she uses her magic to mix her herbs and admitted that that was about all she could do with her magic, but Dazu told her that it was something she should be proud of. Later that evening, Dazu went home after making plans with Bow to pay her another visit in the future. At another point in the past, Bow was showing Dazu the proper way to mix medicine. She left Dazu to continue mixing while she went to grab one final ingredient, but then had to correct Dazu's mixing technique, as she had been mixing too fast and rough. During a past winter, Bow and Dazu were sitting by the fireplace while trying on lip moisturizing cream. Later on, Dazu came to Bow for medical treatment for the scar on her arm. When Bow asked how she got it, Dazu stated that it was the people who look down on her for having little magic power. Bow told her to be strong while she bandaged the wound. Dazu thought about how she had always felt alone, but realized that she was not.

In the present, up on Breed Mountain, close to border between the Clover Kingdom and the Neutral Zone, Yami Sukehiro and Magna Swing are blocking the path of the Devil Believers. Noelle Silva questions what took them so long to arrive and Asta is surprised to see that Captain Yami is the backup. Yami explains that he was able to get there the fastest. Yami takes notice of the Devil Believers followers and admits there are more than he thought there would be. The followers recognize Yami as a Captain of the Magic Knights and wonder if he is there to arrest them. The Devil Believers and their followers refuse to accept this and decide to ignore him and continue on to the Spade Kingdom.

The Believers try to drag Asta and Noelle along, but Asta uses his immense brute strength to get himself, Noelle, and Secre Swallowtail free from the Believer that was holding them. The Believers are about to go after them, but Dazu tells them that it is not important, since the still have Asta's five-leaf Grimoire. Asta carries the two girls over to Yami, who uses his katana to cut off their restraints.

Magna asks if they are going to stop the Believers, but Yami tells him that there is no hurry. Yami then notices that the Silver Eagles Captain, Nozel Silva, and the Crimson Lions Captain, Fuegoleon Vermillion, are flying in on their mercury eagle spell and Fire Spirit Salamander, respectively. Riding with Fuegoleon is Cob Portaport. Fuegoleon calls out to the Devil Believers and asks them to hear them out. Dazu considers his request to be ridiculous and calls out to everyone to send her their magic. The Believers and followers all raise their grimoires and send their magic to her. Nozel and Fuegoleon begin to despair the idea of reasoning with them.

A titanic ice monster rises from behind the next mountain over, casting its shadow over everyone and unleashing a mighty roar. Nozel and Fuegoleon theorize that Dazu must have attracted the ice monster by gathering everyone's magic together, due to her Catalyst Magic having an effect on the surrounding mana in the Grand Magic Zone. The monster attacks the Believers by sending a wave of snow, but Magna stops the wave with his Exploding Fireball. There are still a few large rocks flying toward the Believers, but Noelle stops them with her Valkyrie Dress. Asta charges toward the Believers. Dazu moves to defend her satchel, thinking Asta is going for his grimoire, but he actually runs past her and headbutts a rock that Noelle missed. Secre uses her Closed Sorrow to heal the wounded followers. Dazu is surprised that the Magic Knights were trying to save them.

The ice monster shoots a beam from its mouth at Fuegoleon, but he blocks it with his Ignis Columna. Nozel uses his Silver Bullet on the monsters face, destroying its right eye and braking its right horn. While the monster is trying to grab Nozel, Yami uses Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash to destroy its right hand. Nozel uses Silver Shining Regal Spear to give Yami a foothold and slash off the monsters right arm. Fuegoleon uses Salamander's Breath to blast the monster in its torso and Yami uses Dark Cloaked Black Blade to deal the finishing blow.

The Devil Believers and their followers are in awe at the power of the three Captains. After seeing them beat the ice monster so easily, the Believers and their followers knew that they did not have a chance. Dazu grabs a potion from her bag.

The Captains clarify that they just want to talk. Fuegoleon has Cob open a portal and out of it comes William Vangeance and Damnatio Kira. Yami sarcastically thanks William for coming and complains about him bringing Damnatio. William says that he is happy to help and that he still needs to atone. William tells Secre that he is glad she is safe.

William approaches the crowd and tells them that since they have not actually crossed the border, they are technically not guilty of any crimes. He tells them that the Magic Knights understand their plight and asks to be given time to help them. The Believers followers do not have faith in William's words, as the Magic Knights mostly consist of Nobles and Royals. Yami points out to them the Magic Knights are more of a mixed bag than they think, the Black Bulls especially.

The Captain's express their regret for not helping them sooner and promise to find a way to correct the imbalance in their society. William removes his mask and reveals his scar-like birthmark. He tells the people of his past and how he was treated terribly before he met Julius Novachrono. William promises to follow Julius's example and make the world a better place for them to live. This convinces all the people to turn around and return home.

After the people have left, the Captain's address Dazu, Bow, and the rest of the Devil Believers. Since they had committed actual crimes of kidnapping, incitement of rioting, and the murder of the three Magic Parliament guards, they were another matter entirely from everyone else. Dazu tries to use the potion that she had grabbed earlier, but Yami stops her easily. Damnatio sentences the Devil Belivers to exile. He has Cob create a portal for them, but Dazu refuses to go through, tired of other people deciding her fate. Where they go next is up to them.

Dazu returns Asta's grimoire to him. He promises her that he will one day be the Wizard King and change the Clover Kingdom and asks her to watch no matter where she goes. Dazu says goodbye to him and expresses her wish that she could have been more like him.

The Believers apologize to Secre and ask her to pass the apology on to Marie Adlai as well. Dazu leans on Bow and admits that there is almost no chance of them making it through their current trial alive, but the Believers are resolute. The Believers discard their masks and warn the Magic Knights that if they fail to create change, more groups like the Devil Believers would continue to rise.

The Believers set out into the Neutral Zone and Damnatio goes back through Cob's portal, thinking of Kabwe Carillon and how the scales tipped toward darkness must be tipped back toward the light.

As the Believers begin their journey, Dazu thinks about the deaths of her husband and mother-in-law, and how she had been the one who killed them. She thinks about how awful they were to her. When their house collapsed during the elves attack, Meshu begged for Dazu to save them quickly, lest they die. As Dazu tried to lift the rubble, Vide called her a good-for-nothing wench. This made Dazu snap. Dazu never felt any regret for what she did to them and believes they got what they deserved. Even with them dead, the flames of hatred still burned inside of her. The Devil Believers are still determined to reach the Spade Kingdom at any cost and gain Devil power.

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