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Prepared to Die 「決死 Kesshi」 is the 147th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Some time ago, Dazu Tayak watching the sunset from a bridge when Bow Nocde passed by and commented on how lovely the view was. Dazu recognized Bow as the woman whom her mother-in-law told her about. Bow guessed that Meshu had warned Dazu to avoid her. Dazu denied this and asked Bow where she learned to make medicine. Bow replied that she learned through study and trial and error. Bow admitted that she did not have much magic, so she found the one thing she could do and stuck with it. Bow was about to leave when Dazu introduced herself and asked if she could visit with Bow sometime. Bow agreed and even offered to teach Dazu a bit about medicine making.

In the present, a storm is raging on Breed Mountain and the Devil Believers continue their difficult trek through the rain. They use some of Bow's explosive potions to clear the path as they go. They want to hurry and get across the border before it gets too dark. Once they cross the border out of the Clover Kingdom, the Magic Knights will not be able to stop them, even if they catch up to them, as they will be outside of the Magic Knights' jurisdiction. Secre Swallowtail tells them that even if they make it out of Clover, they will never be able to reach the Spade Kingdom because of the treacherous Grand Magic Zone between the two kingdoms. Secre questions how they plan to get across with almost no magical abilities when such a task would be difficult and dangerous even for a powerful Magic Knight. The Believers acknowledge that there is a very real possibility that they might die, but resolve that just having even a small chance of making it is enough, and they continue onward.

In another area of the Mountain, Magna Swing tries to get in contact with Yami Sukehiro and reports that his team found the Devil Believers who have gained more followers; however, the unstable mana in the area is interfering with the signal. Magna rides off on his broom, Crazy Cyclone, to find a spot with better reception after he tells Asta and Noelle Silva to stay put so he can find them again when he returns with reinforcements. Asta immediately tries to climb up the cliff side to confront the Devil Believers. Noelle flies up after him with her Valkyrie Dress and scolds him for running off after being told to stay put. Asta replies that he is worried about Nero, which Noelle understands, but she still believes that they need a plan. Asta claims he can talk to them so they can understand each other, though Noelle thinks that will not be that easy. Seeing that Asta is still as stubborn as ever, she offers to let Asta hold onto her so she can fly him up, which he accepts.

The Believers are having a hard time getting through the harsh conditions on the Mountain, but continue on, believing that a little bad weather is nothing compared to the way they have suffered in the past. Bow and Dazu take a moment to admire the sunset. As they continue on, they notice that it is a full moon, meaning the chaotic mana of the Neutral Zone between Clover and Spade will be weaker than normal, giving them a better chance, even if the odds are still against them. Dazu thanks Bow for all that she had done for her.

Noelle and Asta catch up to the Devil Believers by air and Asta drops down between the original Believers and the numerous people who joined them later on. Noelle notices that the people have such little magic power and wonders how many more there could be in the world. Noelle warns Asta to be careful, but he is not worried about them using any potions because the wind is too strong. When the Believers' followers step forward, Noelle readies herself to fight them, but to her surprise, they bow down to Asta, since he has been bestowed with the power of a devil, which they worship. Asta demands that they return Secre and tells them that he knows of their plan to offer Secre and the five-leaf grimoire to the Spade Kingdom. He warns that they will not all make it through the Neutral Zone with so many people, even with the Grand Magic Zone being weakened by the full moon. The Believers know this, but they still resolve to press on.

Dazu admits that she has little magic power and was constantly looked down on and ridiculed by everyone around her, something she believes Asta can understand. Asta reminds her of her husband and mother-in-law, but Dazu confesses that she was never happy with them and cries that they were just using her to make themselves feel superior. Dazu collapses to her knees and cries that she is happy that they are now dead. Bow helps Dazu back to her feet and tells Asta about how she is able to create medicine with effects superior to the power of the average healing mage, but has always been looked down on for her lack of magic. Though the details differ from person to person, all of the Devil Believers and the hundreds of followers who joined them have all had similar experiences. Bow admits that she had no idea that there would be so many people who wanted to join them, and Dazu condemns Asta for having the nerve to ask them to return to the misery that they are trying to leave behind. Asta tells them that he understands their pain, but that is exactly why he has to stop them.

Noelle asks what they want in the Spade Kingdom, to which they respond that they want to gain power from the devil that Kabwe Carillon told them about. After obtaining devil power, they want to return to Clover and seek revenge. Dazu holds up Asta's grimoire and recites the saying about five-leaf clovers. Dazu and Bow confess their admiration for Asta, who even though had no mana, was still able to achieve great things as a Magic Knight because he obtained the power of the devil through a five-leaf grimoire. Asta tells them that he is different from them: Even after obtaining the power of the devil, he never once thought about taking revenge because he wants everyone to be happy, no matter their status. Dazu wishes that they could see the world the way he does, but their hatred cannot be stopped. The Believers refuse to release Secre and intend to continue to Spade. Asta offers to take Secre's place. The Believers agree and Asta and Noelle agree to let the Believers restrain them. However, the Believers go back on their word and still refuse to release Secre. They believe that the devil in Spade will be pleased with offering of a devil host, his five-leaf grimoire, a user of Forbidden Magic, and a Clover Kingdom royal.

They continue on their journey until they reach the border, where Noelle can feel the overwhelming mana ahead. Secre questions how they intend to make it across the Grand Magic Zone. Dazu replies that they will use her Catalyst Magic to unify and utilize the minor amounts of magic from all of their followers to push through the Neutral Zone. Secre argues that there is too much distance to cover and no guarantee that their magic will hold out the whole way. Dazu admits it is a major gamble, but at least one person might make it and obtain the devil's power. As they set out, Magna and Yami land on the path ahead of them.

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