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Dungeon魔宮ダンジョン Danjon」 is the 14th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


At the Black Bull's base, Asta is doing pushups while Magna Swing sits on his back. They are trying to come up with a name for the bird. They settle on Nero. Yami Sukehiro arrives and tells them that a new dungeon has been discovered. Dungeons are like ancient tombs that contain relics. The dungeon is located near the Diamond Kingdom. Yami says that Asta was chosen specifically by the Wizard King to go investigate. Yami also sends Noelle Silva and Luck Voltia along. Finral Roulacase creates a portal to the dungeon. They go inside and look around. Luck senses that this place is full of mana and Noelle feels it too, but Asta cannot. He throws a fit and pounds on the ground accidentally activating trap magic. He summons his sword and negates the magic. Luck goes around and purposefully activates more trap magic for Asta to negate. Vanessa Enoteca is worried about the kids but Yami says that the more difficult the mission the more they will surpass their limits and grow. Luck hypothesizes that the Wizard King selected Asta because of his ability to negate magic. Luck senses that someone else is in the dungeon so he goes off to investigate and leaves Noelle and Asta alone. Asta starts talking about becoming the Wizard King and tells Noelle about Yuno. Noelle realizes that they are alone together. She charges ahead and gets caught in one of the traps. Asta cuts her out but the vines come back and this time captures both of them. Suddenly, someone fires magic at it and frees them. They turn to see who it could be. Yami remembers that Golden Dawn members were also asked to go investigate the dungeon. Yuno stands there and tells Asta that he has repaid his debt.

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

What is Mana? 「魔ってなぁに? Mana tte nani?」: Asta and Finral talk about mana.


Animation Error[]

  • When Noelle tripped over Asta while walking through the entrance of the dungeon, her sandals are shown to be flat but while inside her sandals have small heels.


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