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Those Who Have Been Gathered 「集められた者たち Atsume rareta-sha-tachi」 is the 134th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Mereoleona Vermillion grabs Noelle Silva, Asta and, by extension, Secre Swallowtail in her bird form and takes them to the Vermillion Estate in Clover Castle. In the banquet hall, Fuegoleon, Kirsch, and Mimosa Vermillion are already sitting at a large table. Fuegoleon states that what happens in the room is a matter of utmost importance that could potentially change the course of the Clover Kingdom's destiny and that everyone present is to keep the proceedings a secret. At first, the younger Magic Knights believe that they will be going on a secret mission that would impact the upcoming war with the Spade Kingdom. However, Fuegoleon burns away a nearby curtain, revealing Sister Theresa. As it turns out, the gathering is a party celebrating Theresa's fifteenth year as a nun.

When asked about why the Vermillion siblings made such a big deal about a party, Fuegoleon explains that Theresa cares for many children and that children are the future. Mereoleona explains that the party had to be kept secret because Theresa does not like the spotlight. Asta questions why Leopold Vermillion is not present, and Fuegoleon explains that Leopold asked to use the time for training.

A number of servants bring in a fabulous feast, but Theresa is not really interested, saying that she does not like big fancy meals. She was planning on not coming to the party at all, but the Vermillions also offered to host the children from her orphanage. The children are amazed by what they see. Among the children is one boy whose ki Asta feels he recognizes. Before Asta can think more about it though, the other children ask him to join them at the buffet. Theresa immediately recognizes the mysterious boy to be Gauche Adlai transformed into a child with the help of Grey's Transformation Magic. Gauche explains that he went to the church to visit his little sister, Marie Adlai, and snuck into the party when he found out she would be there. Theresa scolds the boy, reminding him that he is only supposed to visit his little sister once a month, and complains about him having no regard for the rules. Gauche states that it does not count since they ran into each other at a party they both happened to attend.

Fuegoleon gets everyone's attention and asks that all the Magic Knights perform some party tricks. Noelle and Mimosa are not sure what to make of this request, while Asta has no idea what a party trick is and hopes that someone will explain it. Theresa accuses Fuegoleon of being bad with words and asks that they simply entertain the children. Mereleona notes that in such a situation, Acier Silva would always be the first to jump in, prompting Noelle to go first. She uses her Water Magic to preform a ribbon dance. While Mimosa is doing her trick, Gauche claims that he could entertain Marie better than anyone. Theresa proclaims him the biggest clown of all for the trick he pulled just to be near Marie. Asta, now understanding what a party trick is, spins plates on the tips of his swords, earning the most applause from the children yet. Kirsch calls Asta's performance garish.

Fuegoleon thanks everyone for their performances. Theresa asks Fuegoleon what kind of trick he will do, much to Fuegoleon's horror. He pulls out three eggs and holds them between his fingers in his right arm. He carefully increases the heat of his arm's fire so that when the eggs are cut open, they are revealed to have all been cooked differently: one hard boiled, one soft-boiled, and the last jelly-soft-boiled. Fuegoleon explains that he was able to achieve this with proper mana control and states that the jelly-soft boil was the most difficult to achieve. He tries to explain further, but the children say they do not care, shocking him. Mereleona ridicules her brother for being boring and states that a real party trick needs passion. She uses her fire paws to grab the children and swing them around. Mereleona is proud of herself for giving the children a fun experience, but the children immediately start crying, confusing Mereoleona.

Asta asks Theresa about what Mereoleona and Fuegoleon were like as children, expressing his belief that they were amazing, natural born warriors, even back when they were young. Theresa denies this and tells Asta about the embarrassing moments from back then: The time Fuegoleon asked for the most intense training possible so that he could get as strong as can be, but Theresa refused due to too much training at a young age having a negative effect, so he trained after bedtime and she disciplined him for it; how Mereoleona was as much a wild child back then as she is now; how Fuegoleon used to accidentally start fires everywhere and cried because of it; and the time Mereoleona went berserk because she set her own clothing on fire. Theresa explains that mana control is troublesome for young children at first, but with time and practice, they get better. Noelle realizes that she was a late bloomer so she could never control her magic. Asta compares this rule to wetting the bed, causing Noelle to slap him in the face.

Mereoleona and Fuegoleon get into an argument. Mereoleona claims that Fuegoleon was always getting into trouble and she had to bail him out, while Fuegoleon claims that she had it backwards, she was always getting into trouble and he had to bail her out. The argument quickly escalates into a trade of Fire Magic-powered blows. Theresa has Noelle create a shield of Water Magic to protect the children and tells the children to watch carefully and to not turn out like Mereoleona and Fuegoleon.

Kirsch and Mimosa begin arguing as well. Kirsch claims that he was always doing good for his little sister, and Mimosa saying that he was just being a burden over the years. For the second time, an argument quickly escalates into a battle of magic.

The fight between the two captains escalates further. Fuegoleon summons Salamander and Mereoleona powers up to full strength. Gauche steps out of Noelle's shield and reveals himself; he tries to attack the two captains as a means to protect Marie, but all of his attacks are blocked. As Fuegoleon and Mereoleona were about to clash, Theresa steps in between them, stopping both of their attacks with her bare hands. She was also able to stop the fight between Kirsch and Mimosa while she was at it.

She tells the Vermillions to sit, which they do. Theresa scolds them, acknowledging that all siblings fight, but there is a limit. She then tells Fuegoleon and Mereoleona that they are worse because they are in their 30s and are therefore too old for such nonsense. To get her point across, she creates a large hammer out of fire and bashes them both into the floor, and Gauche as well. Marie tells Gauche that he would not have been hurt if he had not snuck in. Theresa expresses her thankfulness that Marie is nothing like her brother. Theresa leaves with the children and mentions that her 100th anniversary of being a nun is in 85 years, if they can fit her into their schedule. As they are leaving the estate, Theresa notes that you do not get to be her age without learning a thing or two.

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