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A New Resolve 「新たなる決意 Aratanaru Ketsui」 is the 131st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta, Noelle Silva, and Secre Swallowtail, in her bird form, are traveling by broomstick across the country to Hage. Asta complains about Noelle's terrible flying and voices that he should have just run to Hage as he originally intended. Noelle scolds him for wanting to go on foot as that would have taken days and claims that Asta should be grateful that she offered him a ride. Before leaving, Noelle claimed that she had gained better control of her mana and was now able to fly a broom properly. Secre decides to fly on ahead and Asta realizes that he should have just had Finral Roulacase make him a portal.

As the demon skull comes into sight, Noelle finally gets her broom steady. Yuno and Sylph, who are also traveling to the village, fly past them. Seeing this, Asta lets go of the broom and runs after them. After catching up and calling out to them, Asta asks if they are also heading to Hage, to which Yuno responds that they are. Asta challenges them to a race to see who can reach the church first and runs off as fast as he can. Sylph calls him childish, and Yuno agrees with her but accepts the challenge. While Asta and Yuno are racing, Secre flies to a field and picks a flower with her beak.

The people of Hage were hard at work cleaning up the mess caused by the elves attack as Asta sped through the town. Just as Asta was about to reach the church, Yuno flew past him and landed on the churches roof, winning the race. After a trade of bickering, Asta and Yuno are greeted by Father Orsi Orfai. Orsi brings up Asta's trial, and Asta and Yuno immediately clarify that the trial was a farce. Orsi explains that he already knew that, as did everyone in Hage. They are all grateful to Asta and Yuno for saving them. Orsi then shows them his framed copy of the news article and asks Asta to sign it, much to Asta's chagrin.

Yuno asks where everyone is, causing father Orsi to fall to his knees and start crying. He tells the boys that the other children have all left. Walking through town, Orsi explains that the people of Hage, after being inspired by Asta and Yuno's success as Magic Knights, banded together and worked hard to build a schoolhouse for the children. Orsi and Sister Lily Aquaria work there as teachers.

While Asta and Yuno are making their way to the school, Secre flies up to the top of the demon skull, reverts to her human form, and places the flower she picked earlier in front of the stone fragments that chipped off of Lemiel when he was awakened. While Secre is reminiscing about her prince, she hears something coming from the demon's mouth. She discovers Nash complete a set of 300 pushups and chug down a bottle of Mogura Leaf juice. Nash notes how disgusting the juice is, but continued to chug more, just as Asta did. Nash shouts that his mana is replenished and begins to practice his Fire Magic. He remembers Asta's ideology: it does not matter if you are a poor orphan, you can still aim to be great.

Asta and Yuno arrive at the school house, a repurposed food storehouse. Asta reminisces about how he and Yuno used to play hide and seek in that very building when they were younger. Asta notes how Yuno used to cry when Asta could not find him before it got dark, but Yuno denies that that ever happened. Upon arrival, Asta and Yuno are mobbed by an admiring crowd of children. When the children see Sylph, they mistake her for a doll and grab her out of the air to play with her.

Lily emerges from the school. Asta wastes no time in walking up to her, getting down on one knee, offering her flowers, and asking if she would marry him. Lily responds as she usually does, hitting Asta with her Holy Fist of Love. Asta's loud marriage proposal echoes across the entire village and the villages are not surprised to hear it, knowing it was just a matter of time. Noelle, who has finally made it to the village, hears the proposal as well and becomes flustered, mistaking the proposal as being for her and causing her to lose control of her broom. She crashes her broom into Asta and yells at him for it. She begins to address his marriage proposal but is cut off by meeting Orsi and Lily. They recognize Noelle from Asta's letters, and Noelle is surprised to learn that Asta has written home about her. Noelle fantasizes that Asta might have written about being in love with her, so she sprays Asta with a water blast. Secre then arrives at the schoolhouse and hides behind a tree. Asta introduces her as Nero, the Black Bulls' newest member.

Sister Lily asks Asta and Yuno if they would be teachers for the day, believing that the younger children would benefit greatly from learning from the heroes who inspired their village. Asta and Yuno agree. In the classroom, Asta strips off his shirt, jacket, and squad robe and tells the children that magic equals muscle. He says that even though the children do not have much mana yet, they could make up for it with physical strength. While all the boys follow Asta to run laps, the girls stay in the classroom playing house with Yuno, Noelle, and Secre.

After completing their lessons with the younger children, Asta and Yuno are taken to the "New Leaves" class, where the older generation of students are preparing for their own upcoming Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony. Teaching the class are the two boys who confronted Yuno after the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony for showing them up by receiving the four-leaf clover. Surprisingly, they greet Asta and Yuno happily, apologize for back then, and state that they turned over a new leaf. The school's headmaster and the keeper of the Grimoire Tower, Drouot, comes in and gives the class a quick lesson about grimoires.

While walking back to the church, Asta and Yuno state that the cannot stay very long, so Orsi decides to have a big feast while they are here. He invites Noelle and Secre as well, though Noelle is not looking forward to the dry food. As they walk, Asta sees Nash and calls out to him. At first, Nash is exited to see Asta but, being his usual prideful self, pretends that he does not care about seeing Asta. Asta asks why Nash was not at school and questions if he cut class. Nash replies that he was busy, and Asta scolds him for ditching. Orsi and Lily explain to Yuno that there is nothing wrong with Nash's attendance record. They pretend that they do not know what Nash is doing, and Secre knows exactly what they are talking about, having seen Nash earlier that day trying to be like Asta.

Back at the church, Orsi is dealing with a crowd of villagers who want to donate food to Asta and Yuno, while Lily, Secre, Sylph, and the children are in the kitchen preparing dinner. Noelle sets the table while still wondering about what Asta might have written about her in his letters.

Asta and Yuno are overlooking the small village that they came from and think about how far they have come and how their adventure is not even close to being over. They think about how much stronger they still have to become and the impending war with the Spade Kingdom.

Magic and Spells used[]

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Items used[]

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