The New Magic Knight Squad Captains' Meeting 「新・魔法騎士団団長会議 Shin Mahō Kishi-dan Danchō Kaigi」 is the 130th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


With the repairs to the Clover Kingdom, all of the Squad Captains, and Owen disguised as Julius to keep the fact that he has been turned into a kid hidden from the people of the Clover Kingdom hidden, make an appearance to show that even after everything that has occurred, they are still standing strong. William Vangeance says that the Magic Emperor is unable to speak due to the a sore throat, soon gives the an introduction to Augustus Kira Clover XIII, with Sekke being his servant.

During the introductions of the captains, it is shown that Rill Boismortier, captains of the Azure Deer of the has become attracted to the matured version of Charmy, unaware of who she is. People are also surprised to see Dorothy Unsworth, captain of the Coral Peacock is awake.

When Augustus comes out, the people are not very frilled to see him. Augustus is also jealous of Julius because of the fact he is being given most of the attention from the people for saving them. He attempts to make a speech, and attempts to win over the favor of the people by showing off his magic. But he gets interrupted and has his spelled destroyed by Yami and Jack fighting each other, who don't even realize what is going on.

When the smoke clears from Yami and Jack fighting, Yami states that it is finally time that they settling things once and for all. When they realize that all of the other captains are standing around them, Jack asks what they want, and Yami asks what they are doing. William comes over and tells them that what is going on, Yami believe it to on another day and Jack having completely forgotten about the event all together.

Charlotte calls them out for being late, and for fighting over something ridiculous, while Yami and Jack blame each other for starting it. Before they can start fighting again, Fuegoleon and Nozel tell them to stop and to remember where they are.

While this goes on, the people start to think that the Black Bull shouldn't have come second in the Star Festival and that they truly are the worst Magic Knights squad because of how Yami is acting and how they had read in the paper of Asta being possessed by a Devil. Due to Jack and Yami getting in the way, Augustus gets mad at them for destroying his light magic. William suggest that he show them his leniency and be merciful to Yami and Jack.

With this, William sends of the King, dragging Sekke off with him, with Yami asking if he is one of Jacks, with Jack not even remember choosing Sekke as a member of the Green Mantis The captains also choose that it is time that they left as well with Owen relived that it is finally over.

Following the ceremony, all nine squad captains, along with Asta, Noelle, Mimosa, Finral, and Secre, are all brought to the room where they usually do their meetings. Mimosa states that she can sense immense pressure with Noelle wondering why they were called to the meeting.

While everyone is waiting for Julius to arrive, William apologies to Yami, saying that it should be his squad that should be receiving the praise of the public, and not him. Yami replies saying that they are used to being booed by the public. William apologies again with Yami saying not to worry about it. Charlotte, who is sitting next to Yami, keeps telling herself to not let her heart go aflutter. Yami looks over asking her whats wrong because of her face being all red. Charlotte says that she is fine, while Yami thinks that she needs to take a dump and not to hold it in.

This causes Charlotte to lash out at him, which surprises Yami to the fact that he was wrong. Jack joins in saying that this the reason why people say he is oblivious, suggesting that Charlotte has to piss. This causes Mimosa and Noelle to wonder if the captains are always like this.

Soon, Yami wonders where Julius saying he is the one that called them all there and that he is late again. Yami wonders if he forgot he called them all there and just wonder off, with Nozel saying that it is actually possible this time, with all the captains agree with him. Yami then asks whats wrong with Rill, with Dorothy saying he has been like that he has been like that ever since the reincarnation spell had been broken.

Finally, Julius, with Marx and Damnatio in tow, arrives to the meeting. This causes Yami to get upset with Damnatio, saying that if he has a problem with one of his squad members again, he will gladly take him on. Julius then tells Yami that he is the one that called Damnatio there since the matters that they will be discussing will also concern him. With this, Marx revels that what they will be discussing the devil that resides in the Spade Kingdom. He then goes on to tell the captains that a few members of the magic knights went to the Heart Kingdom to find out more about the devils. He says that even though they have all seen the reports, he would still like to hear from the ones who were actually there.

Mimosa, Finral and Noelle go on to explain how the Magic Stages. Julius says that the most important part is that they won't stand a chance against the devil unless everyone fighting is stage one or stronger. Julius also revels that the powerful curse in the Heart Kingdom was cast upon Queen Lolopechka, saying she only has a about another year to live due to the curse, and that the one that put the cure on her is the devil Megicula.

Marx adds on that in another report that the Diamond Kingdom was currently under attack by the Spade Kingdom. He goes on to say that over the past few years, the Spade Kingdom has become more and more powerful, with them suspecting it is very likely that they have gotten help from Megicula.

Julius follow this with how Lolopechka plans to attack the Spade Kingdom in six months before she grows weaker and how he is think of assisting the Heart Kingdom and fighting alongside them. Julius then adds how he wants all the squad captains to train their squads as much as they can, saying they only have six months but that they should do everything they can to raise everyone's magic stages so they can fight the Spade Kingdom and protect the Clover Kingdom.

He also reveals that he heard from Lolpechka that the Spirit Guardians will also help them out. He finishes by asking the captains if he can count on them, with the all saying the can. Yami go on to say that the Black Bulls will be doing what ever they want for the next six months. William, Charlotte and Kaiser Granvorka wishing to be relieved of their duties as captains for what they did when they were possessed by the elves. Julius says that he cannot do that, because what are saying will involve all the other knights that were possessed and asking who would be left to protect the kingdom.

Julius than asks Damanito what he thinks of everything and that he would like that Damanito though about what do to with Asta after they have taken care of the matter with the Spade Kingdom. Damanito responds that he as no objections, and as he leaves, says to not get any wrong ideas, that he is only agreeing to it because it benefits the Clover Kingdom, and doing otherwise at the moment would not benefit them.

After Damanito leaves, Asta goes up to Julius and thanks him, with Julius say there is no need to thank him, which leads Asta to thank him again. Julius says once again that he is counting on everyone, with Jack wondering how he should sever his squad members and that he is getting excited just thinking about it. Yami responds saying to maybe not do it.

Fuegolon says that he needs to make plans for his squad's training, while Nozel suggests that all the squads train together. Charlotte says that doing mock battles is a good idea, while Jack says he won't hold back while pointing toward Yami, with him responding that's his line. Kaiser suggest that rounding up some healing mages for the training would be a good idea, with Julius adding to not get carried away.

Julius than looks over to Marx says to bring him in. The person on question being the former captain of the Purple Orca, Gueldre Poizot. Julius goes on to reveal that the other day when Gueldre was at the Shadow Palace, he managed to steal a large amount of ancient magic items and jewels with Revchi Salik.

Charlotte goes on to say that he never learns while Jack goes off saying that he planned to keep him whole, but that he couldn't wait any longer, adding he is going to turn him into sliced him. Julius than stands up, telling him to wait and that he was planning on pardoning Gueldre, saying that he has a knack for business and that he can probably make a bigger profit with the treasures he tried to get away with. Julius adds that he can use that money to help support the kingdom, since the cost of the repairs costs quite a bit, saying that the kingdom doesn't have endless riches. He then goes over and asks Gueldre if he will help them out. Gueldre becomes nervous as everything suddenly all depends on making a profit. He than falls to his knees saying he will doing everything he possibly can.

Julius than turns to the squad captains, saying that since the kingdom does not have endless riches, he wants to cut the salary of the captains in half from what it usually is. All the captains agree, other than Yami and Jack, who become upset with this. Yami than says he is in dept and Jack asks if he wants them to go broke. Julius laughs it off, saying that they need to set an example for their subordinates. Yami and Jack decline, while Julius says that majority overrules them.

Later that night, all the captains go to a bar where Yami and Jack are still upset about their salaries being cut in half. Yami and Jack, who are drunk from drinking, start making fun of Fuegoleon, saying that having his salary cut in half won't sting since he will always have money. All the captains begin to leave, but Yami and Jack grab William saying that he can stay a little longer and that they should play a little game. Jack and Yami than say they will earn the salary they lost by taking it from William. William agrees to play with Yami and Jack saying they will take everything that he has.

Not long after, Yami and Jack have passed out after losing everything that they had to William. William then proceeds to place blankets on the sleeping Yami and Jack. He then says that he is very grateful to them, that in despite of everything that has happened, they still are treating him the same. He then goes on to promise that he will do everything in his power to defeat the devil. William than salute them, saying good night to them and, as he leaves, he pays and apologizes to the bar keeper for causing such a fuss.

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