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The Wizard King Saw, Continued 「続・魔法帝は見た Zoku・Mahōtei wa Mita」 is the 13th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Salim Hapshass, Klaus Lunettes, and Mimosa Vermillion have dinner with Orsi Orfai and Lily Aquaria in the chapel. Yuno asks how much Asta has been sending them and is shocked by the amount. He pledges to send all of his pay the next time. Klaus tells Salim that they should be on their way. Salim says that they can wait a bit more and asks for some more water. Sister Lily says that she has to go fill the water jar and leaves to head to the well. On her way back, one of the bandits kidnaps her. Hearing Lily's scream and the water jar breaking, the others rush outside but are too late. Yuno volunteers to go look for her but Klaus says that their mission is to protect Salim. Yuno disobeys the order to follow them and instead goes in search of Sister Lily. Yuno makes his way through the forest and defeats each bandit as they get in his way. He finds Lily, who is being guarded by the last two bandits. Abra asks for Yuno's grimoire in exchange for Lily because without it he is useless as a Magic Knight. Yuno refuses and ducks just as Klaus launches a Violent Rotating Lance towards Abra. Klaus tells Yuno that this whole thing was set up by Salim because Yuno beat him during the exams and that is why he did not become a Magic Knight. Yuno thanks both Klaus and Mimosa for their help. Klaus decides to take the bandits to the capital but wonders where the last one went. It turns out that Julius Novachrono had captured the last one and disguised himself.

Sister Lily is returned to Hage. Klaus, Mimosa, and Yuno return to the Golden Dawn base where William Vangeance tells them that they have earned a star from the Wizard King. Klaus is happy that they got a star but tells Yuno never to go off on his own again. Yuno says okay. Meanwhile, at the Black Bull base, Asta learns of Golden Dawn's star. Asta vows to catch up to them. The Wizard King is alerted of an anomaly and he says that he wants them to work on it.

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

My Steed 「私の舟 Watashi no Fune」: Klaus shows off his steel chariot, which impresses Asta.



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