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The Wizard King Saw 「魔法帝は見た Mahōtei wa Mita」 is the 12th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta chases after the thief, who is floating on a cloud. Sekke Bronzazza follows after him on his magic scooter. Asta uses his Demon-Slayer Sword to cut through the spell, and the cloud disappears. The thief takes off on foot and Asta continues to follow him. Sekke rams into the thief with his bike. The thief falls to the ground and Sekke stands over him laughing. The thief pulls out a Paralyze Knife and stabs Sekke in the foot, causing Sekke to fall to the ground. Asta kneels at his side and Sekke tells Asta to live out his dream for him since he is going to die. Sekke closes his eyes but he does not die. Asta hits him in the face and yells at him for giving up on life so easily. Vanessa Enoteca puts an ointment on the wound, and Sekke is healed because it was only a numbing poison. Sekke leaves and takes the thief with him. Asta, Vanessa, and Noelle Silva return the stolen bag to the elderly woman. The three of them leave and do not see the elderly woman turn into Julius Novachrono, the Wizard King. He has been wandering around looking for new magic.[1]

The Wizard King spots Klaus Lunettes, Yuno, and Mimosa Vermillion flying overhead and decides to go after them. They are acting as bodyguards for Salim Hapshass on his journey to the Heart Kingdom. Klaus Lunettes wonders why Yuno was picked as one of the bodyguards if he beat Salim during the exam. Salim says that he requested Yuno as a bodyguard because he wanted to apologize. Salim tells him to make sure his dream of becoming the Wizard King comes true so he can brag to his children that he once fought the Wizard King. Salim asks Yuno to tell him more about him so Yuno tells him about his past. Meanwhile, Klaus is still suspicious about this mission. Suddenly, black clouds appear. Yuno goes to check it out and is attacked by a group of bandits. Yuno falls off his broomstick but ends up defeating the assailants anyway, impressing both Salim and Mimosa. Salim suggests that they visit Yuno's home village to see how he grew up. Klaus tries to protest but Salim is adamant. They fly past the demon skull and arrive at the church. Sister Lily comes out to greet them. Yuno is almost overrun by the children and Father Orsi. They ask them to stay and Salim agrees that they can spare an hour. Yuno gets pulled away by the children while the rest of them head into the church. Klaus is unhappy about the whole situation.

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Petit Clover[]

Sekke's Fuhha Seminar! Part 2 「セッケのフッハ講座! パート2 Sekke no Fuhha Kōza! Pāto 2」: Sekke continues to teach Asta the way of Fuhha.


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