The Lives of the Village in the Sticks 「最果ての村の命 Saihate no Mura no Inochi」 is the 101st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Licht comes back to the dungeon and Rhya asks him if it was fine to blast Asta off since Asta was possessing his grimoire and swords. Licht responds that it is not his grimoire anymore. Rhya feels hopeful as it does not matter as long as Licht is present. Below the dungeon, Yuno, Asta and Mimosa Vermillion appear alive and wounded as they rise up using Yuno's Wind Magic. The Sylph complains about Licht for making Yuno wet. Zora Ideale comes out from the forest and asks them to follow him.

The elf possessing Cob Portaport, Ado, appears through a doorway portal and asks Rhya about Licht. Ado teleports the remaining elves in the dungeon to their place using Spatial Magic. Ado greets the elves and inquires about their wellness. Rhya leads the other elves and tells them that they are heading out to destroy the humans. The elf possessing Siren Tium creates a helm by his Stone Magic and navigates the glowing dungeon towards the Royal Capital.

Asta wakes up noisy and inquires Yuno about the situation as he sees the dungeon is missing. Zora replies to Asta's question and comments on how lucky Asta is to get back alive. Asta asks Zora about Mereoleona Vermillion's condition. Zora replies Mereolena is still lying unconscious below the tree and it is better not to wake her yet. En Ringard and Nozel Silva address the crowd, En tells them that his other teammates have turned into elves and they managed to escape from them. Nozel gets amazed by Asta as he was able to escape from the situation which even left Mereoleona unconscious. Asta starts to eat his healing herbs to recover himself and offers it to the others. Nozel steps in and uses his Magic Item: Eilia's Booth which envelops the lot and starts healing them. Noelle Silva appears with a wounded Kirsch using her Sea Dragon's Cradle to their location. Kirsch steps into the booth to heal himself. Asta inquires Noelle about her teammates. Noelle replies to them sadly that they have turned into elves. Yuno comments that they are pathetic to let the elves takeover. Noelle gets doubtful seeing Yuno's appearance.

Nozel analyzes the situation and predicts that Cob should also have turned into an elf since he cannot find him anywhere. Nozel gets interrupted by his Communication device and one of his squad members contacts him about the situation of their base and the Royal capital. The others get shocked upon hearing this. Suddenly, contact is cut off and Nozel says they have to save the kingdom even if it means killing their comrades. Noelle comments about how Luck is fighting back because of how they were not hit and that they were even able to escape. Noelle also says that their comrades can reclaim their bodies like Yuno and that they can save their kingdom along with their comrades. Nozel and Yuno use their magic to transport them to the kingdom.[1]

In Hage village, the villagers remain confused about what was happening. Sister Lily stares at the glowing sky and doubts if it was golden dawn but Nash corrects her as the dungeon moves above their village. As confusion starts to spread, an elf possessing a Purple Orca Magic Knight appears saying that they are his friends heading towards the capital to finish some unfinished business. The elf then analyzes that Hage is a weak magic region. Father Orsi questions the magic knight. The elf replies that humans are selfish creatures unlike elves and adds that the elves will not discriminate and will kill all the humans equally. The elf then activates his spell Zofnir's Garden of Lingering Burns and attacks the villagers.

At the Royal knight's location, the wounded are healed. Asta thanks Nozel for the artifact. Zora says that they should be reaching the forsaken realm soon, where they notice that the elves have begun their attack. Both Asta and Yuno notice that the place being attacked is Hage, and say that they have to go to save the villagers. Nozel refuses and says that if they want to save the kingdom then they will have to protect the capital first. Asta replies that Hage is also a part of the kingdom, Nozel responds that if they want to go that badly then they should finish what they want to do quickly and then head to the capital. Both Asta and Yuno salute and agree to Nozel's terms. Noelle says that she will head out too, but Nozel orders her to stay and tells her that she is royalty and will protect the capital with him. Noelle remembers Nozel telling her about being useless in the past and Nozel got to acknowledge her now and says that she understands.

Back in Hage, the villagers lie in pain from being poisoned, and the elf comments about how he has this kind of magic in order to exterminate those meaningless lives that have grown far too abundant. Lily attacks the elf with Holy Fist of Love and corrects him that there is no such thing as a meaningless life. The elf says that it is useless against him. The children gather around the poisoned father, Nash wonders what kind of monster the elf is. Lily says that she doesn't know what had happened to the elf and asks what the villagers have done to the elf. Lily then comments about how even though the villagers cry, work, and suffer, they can also laugh and still dream. Lily starts to cry and comment about how the villagers have to meet such a sad end even though they do all they can in order to live an earnest life. The elf replies that the source to all the villager's suffering is because of the humans. As the elf started to attack, Nash remembers what Asta and Yuno told him before they left. Nash steps in front of Lily and tells the elf to not lay a hand on her while preparing to attack. When the elf's attack is coming closer, Asta and Yuno suddenly appear and deflect the incoming attack. Asta and Yuno tell Nash that he did well and that they will handle the rest. Nash starts to cry seeing them.[2]

Magic and Spells used

Magic Spells

Items used

  • Medicinal herbs
  • Magic Tool: Eilia's Booth
  • Communication Magic Tool

Petit Clover

Kirsch's A-I-U-E-O 「キルシュのあいうえお Kirushu no aiueo」: Mimosa lists off vowels for Kirsch to start a sentence with, and Kirsch keeps relating them all to his beauty.


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