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Those Who Protect 「護る者 Mamoru Mono」 is the 10th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Magna Swing is proud of Noelle Silva for creating the Sea Dragon's Nest around the townspeople. Asta uses the cover to jump through and attack Heath Graice[1] but Heath breaks the boy's momentum by creating a patch of ice on the ground. Heath attacks Asta and Asta falls to the ground. Heath walks past him and tries to break through the wall of water. Magna knows that he must fight but is running low on magic. Suddenly, Asta attacks from behind but he is too slow and gets knocked back by ice. He tries again but is still pushed back.[2]

Magna decides to help Asta so he goes through the water wall to the outside. Magna tells Asta that they should recreate the Black Bull Initiation Ceremony, and unleashes Prison Kill Buckshot before collapsing to the ground. Heath blocks some of the fireballs and lets other pass by, but Asta deflects them back from behind, knocking them into Heath and his men. Meanwhile, Noelle creates a small shield to protect Magna from Heath's counterattack. Heath is engulfed by flames that will not go out. Asta uses this chance to attack him and hit him with his sword. Heath falls to the ground, finally beaten.[3]

Magna binds the four mages but one manages to escape. Asta collapses and falls asleep. The townspeople thank the trio for their help. An anti-bird flies out of Asta's hood and scouts the village, spotting a light coming from a building. It goes inside and finds the magic stone for which Heath was looking. Magna tells Heath that he is going to tell them everything, like for whom he is working. Instead, Heath encases himself and his two men in ice and they shatter, killing themselves.[4] Later, the trio visit Nick and Anna at their grandfather's grave. Nick tells them that Seihi really admired the Magic Knights but they were also his regret because he did not try harder when he was young. However, he says that Seihi was really proud of Magna. Suddenly, the anti-bird starts attacking Asta. It shows Asta the stone that it found. Nick says that they can keep it as payment for saving their town.[5]

Elsewhere, the escaped mage reports to a shadowed figure wearing a Golden Dawn badge.[6]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells

Items used[]

  1. Crazy Cyclone

Petit Clover[]

Who's the Most Similar? 「一番似ているのは、誰? Ichiban Nite iru no wa, Dare?」: Yuno, Magna, Asta, and Noelle compete to look the most like the Golden Dawn badge. The winner, however, is Nero.


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