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Asta and Yuno 「アスタとユノ Asuta to Yuno」 is the 1st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


In Hage, a priest finds two babies abandoned outside his church. He takes them inside and discovers their names to be Yuno and Asta.

Fifteen years later, Asta proposes to Sister Lily, who refuses repeatedly. Yuno and the other orphans criticize Asta and point out his lack of magic. Asta tries to show off his skills, but Yuno outshines him with his magic.[1]

Later, at the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony, a pair of nobles criticize the commoners there. Despite Asta not receiving a grimoire while Yuno attains a four-leaf clover one, Asta challenges Yuno to the title of Wizard King, but Yuno ignores him.[2]

After the ceremony, the two nobles ambush Yuno outside the tower, but Yuno overpowers them. All three are then ambushed by Revchi Salik, a former Magic Knight who plans to steal Yuno's grimoire and sell it. Asta comes to Yuno's rescue but fails.[3]

As Revchi breaks Asta's spirit, Yuno calls Asta his rival. Motivated by this acknowledgment, Asta decides to keep fighting, which summons a grimoire from the tower. Revchi notices that it has a five-leaf clover, and when a large sword appears from the grimoire, Asta grabs it and the shadow of a devil appears behind him.[4]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


  • To celebrate the anime's fifth anniversary, episodes chosen by the series' staff and cast were rebroadcast weekly. Yuno's voice actor, Nobunaga Shimazaki chose Episode 1, and it was re-aired on October 9, 2022.[5]


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