Eight Shining Generals 「八輝将 Hakki-shō」 are a group of prominent military figures within the Diamond Kingdom.


The Eight Shining Generals are the strongest Mage Warriors within the Diamond Kingdom,[1] having authority to command a large number of soldiers[2] and enough respect not to have their orders questioned.[3]

As the name suggests the group primarily consists of eight powerful mages whose skill and raw power put them on the same level as the Magic Knight Captains of the Clover Kingdom.[1] However, the group itself seemed to also have been divided into the "Old Generation" and the "New Generation."

The Generals from the "Old Generation" consisted of Broccos, Yagos and Ragus who had obtained their level of power and position via the traditional methods of training, practice and experience on the battlefield.

While the Five Generals of the "New Generation" are all mages who have been personally modified and experimented on by Morris, who managed to successfully boost their natural abilities and powers and even gave them access to new and unique abilities as well, as is in the cases with Mars and Ladros.


New Generation
Shining General square
Shining General 2 square
Old Generation


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