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Eclat 「エクラ Ekura[1] is an elf and is reincarnated into the body of Marie Adlai.[2]


While possessing Marie Adlai, tattoos appear on her forehead and left cheek and her ears become pointed.[3]


Eclat is quiet and timid and sticks close to Drowa, holding onto him all the time.[2]


After Licht and Tetia's wedding, the Elf Tribe is massacred by humans.[4][5]

Five centuries later, Patolli reincarnates the elves[6] and Eclat possesses Marie Adlai[7] and attacks the citizens of Nairn.[8] Drowa, who is possessing Marie's older brother, collects Eclat and they travel up into the dungeon. Patolli arrives shortly after them, and Rhya then comes to greet them all.[9]

Once all of the Apostles of Sephirah assemble atop of the floating dungeon, Eclat remains clinging to Drowa while they summon the gate to the underworld.[10] After Reve pulls a section of the Black Bull base into her Glamour World, Eclat watches as Drowa and Patolli combine their magic to destroy the rest of the base. While the other elves head off into the Shadow Palace, Eclat and Drowa remain behind to finish killing the humans.[11]

Combining their magic, Drowa's mirrors reflect Eclat's Eye Magic, catching the Black Bulls and immobilizing them, but the Demon-Destroyer Sword frees Asta, Gordon Agrippa, Grey, and Henry Legolant.[12] Drowa teleports Asta up into the air and surrounds him with reflections of Eclat, but the boy closes his eyes.[13] After Asta enters his black form, he shatters the mirrors and charges the elves. However, Eclat immobilizes him through her reflection in Drowa's left eye. Drowa then attacks with Large Reflect Ray but the other Black Bulls defend Asta.[14] The Demon-Destroyer sword frees Asta so Drowa distracts him with a large mirror ball and creates a large reflection of Eclat's eye.[15]

Gauche and Marie freed from reincarnation spell

Asta exorcises Eclat and Drowa.

Henry throws himself at the elves and attempts to drain their mana. Eclat's enchantment cannot stop Henry's passive ability, but Henry cannot absorb enough to stop the elves.[16] The other Black Bulls save Henry and provide Asta an opening to hit Eclat and Drowa.[17] Eclat's enchantment is broken, freeing the other Magic Knights.[18] Drowa apologizes to Eclat before Asta exorcises them.[19]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Eye Magic: Eclat uses this magic attribute to cast enchantments through her eyes.[20]


  • Immense Magic Power: As an elf, Eclat possesses an immense amount of magic power.[21] Even without a grimoire, she is able to cast powerful enchantments on multiple targets and capture high-ranking Magic Knights.[20]


  • Eclat's favorite things are her older brother and small animals.[1]
  • Éclat is French for "brilliance" or "shine."


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