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Dryad 「ドリアーデ Doriāde」 is the guardian of Elysia, a secluded village of elves,[1] and resides within a giant tree.[2]


Dryad takes the form of a tall woman with long, wavy hair that grows up from her head and is filled with flowers. She has long, pointed ears and wears a gown made of plants, with stems and flowers growing out of it.


Dryad is an excitable being who enjoys meeting with new people and talking.[3]


Dryad foresees Vanica Zogratis's attack on the Heart Kingdom and sends Patolli, Rhya, Vetto, and Fana to aid the Magic Knights there. The elves arrive too late to help fight the Dark Disciples and stop the explosions, so they bring the injured Knights back to Elysia.[4] The Knights convince Patolli to let them learn the elves' secret magic technique, Ultimate Magic,[5] so he takes them to meet Dryad, who is overjoyed to meet them. She explains how the humans will be able to use their Mana Method training to make up for their lack of magic.[6] During the training, she also explains the rankings of devils.[7]

Dryad takes Noelle aside and calls Undine out of her grimoire. Dryad explains that spirit hosts can attain Saint Stage, which is comparable to Arcane Stage and will be needed to defeat Vanica since Megicula is physically part of Vanica's body.[8]

Battle Prowess[]



  • Dryads are tree nymphs or spirits of Greek mythology.


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