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Drouot 「ドルオ Doruo[1] is the master of the Grimoire Tower in Hage.[2]


Drouot is an elderly man with a heavily bushy beard and mustache and long eyebrows. He wears stereotypical wizard robes and wizard hat.



Drouot is a fairly jovial individual who takes great pride in his work and maintains a calm demeanor. He holds high hopes for the new generation.


Every March, Drouot conducts the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony for the 15-year-olds of Hage. One year, he witnesses Asta receive no grimoire while Yuno receives a four-leaf clover grimoire.[3] Months later, Drouot inspects both of their grimoires and approves them for taking the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. Father Orsi and Sister Lily visit Drouot to question his choice in sending Asta, and Drouot admits that he wanted the Magic Knights to inspect the boy's grimoire.[4]

Battle Prowess[]



  • Flying Carpet: Drouot rides on a magic flying carpet.[6]


Appearances in Other Media[]

In the anime, Drouot is made the headmaster of Hage's magic school.[7]



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