Plant Healing Magic: Dream Healing Flower Basket 「植物回復魔法『夢癒の花籠』 Shokubutsu Kaifuku Mahō "Muyu no Hanakago"」 is a plant-based Healing Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user summons countless vines and uses them to form a cradle around the user or another target. The cradle is spherical with a flower bud at the top and glowing lilies surrounding it. Additionally, the cradle is filled with countless flower petals that envelop the users.[1]

The user is able to generate multiple cradles to heal multiple people at once. However, each cradle can only contain a single person.[2] One of the disadvantages of the spell is the requirement of the user or anyone to stay within the cradle for a period of time until the injuries are healed. During this time, they are defenseless against any attacks.[3] Furthermore, the spell takes a considerable amount of time to heal them. Thus, it is not suitable to be used for critical and life-threatening injuries.[4]


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