Dmitri Brint 「デミトリ・ブリント Demitori Burinto[1] is a member of the Clover Kingdom's Coral Peacock squad of the Magic Knights.[2]


Dimitri is a young man with a fluffy, orange afro.



Team O combination

Team O combine spells.

At the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Dmitri is placed on Team O with Solid Silva and Alecdora Sandler.[3] As their first match begins, Team O combine spells to fly quickly across the battlefield, with Dmitri helping propel Solid's water bird. Yuno attacks with Crescent Kamaitachi but Team O jump over it. Dmitri then attacks with Combo Eruption but Noelle Silva defends with Sea Dragon's Nest.[4]

Dmitri creates a firefly and chases after Solid. When he fails to change Solid's mind, he decides to help take care of Noelle. En Ringard then activates the spores he attached to Dmitri's hood and generates a large heavy mushroom, bringing the Coral Peacock crashing down to the ground.[5] After Noelle both defeats her brother and destroys the crystal with a single Sea Dragon's Roar, Team O loses the match.[6]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Fire Magic: Dmitri uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate fire.[2]


  • Grimoire: Dmitri possesses a grimoire that contains various fire-based magic spells.[2]




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