The Diamond Kingdom 「ダイヤモンド王国 Daiyamondo Ōkoku」 is a rival country of the Clover Kingdom.[1]


Mage Warriors uniform

Standard uniform of Mage Warriors.

The Diamond Kingdom lies north of the Clover Kingdom. This country of mines and wasteland is poor in resources,[2] so it focuses its efforts on building up its army and invading other countries to steal land and resources.[3] Mage Scholars perform human experiments to bolster the power of the Mage Warriors 「魔導戦士 Madōsenshi」.[4][5]

The Diamond Kingdom sends a team, led by Lotus Whomalt and Mars, to a dungeon that appears along the border with the Clover Kingdom.[1] Although the team is defeated in battle by Magic Knights from the Golden Dawn and Black Bull squads, Lotus successfully escapes with his men and a large amount of treasure.[6]



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