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The Devil Trial 「悪魔裁判 Akuma Saiban[1] is an attempt by Damnatio Kira to blame Asta and Secre Swallowtail for the elves' reincarnation and possession of various Magic Knights.


After the Reincarnation Magic is dispelled, Julius Novachrono—who survived due to stored Time Magic—and Yami Sukehiro have a meeting with Asta, Noelle Silva, Secre Swallowtail, and Mimosa Vermillion. Julius informs them of three problems that the Clover Kingdom faces: no Wizard King because of Julius's weakened condition, the kingdom is open to invasion because the Magic Knights are weakened from the fighting with the elves, and Asta's possible death.[2] Julius and Yami point out that the Magic Knights who were possessed committed multiple crimes and the kingdom cannot afford to lose any of them. Though Asta says it was a devil's fault, Julius says that Asta will be used as a scapegoat since he has power from a devil and that a trial will be formed by the Magic Parliament, headed by the House Kira.[3]

After Damnatio Kira saves King Augustus Kira Clover XIII from anti-monarchist nobles, his scales respond to Asta's presence and Damnatio vows to punish whoever it is.[4]

Asta and Secre's Trial[]

A few days after the meeting with Julius, Asta and Secre are called to the Magic Parliament building for a talk. Though Asta figures it will be just a normal chat to inform them of the events that occurred, he and Secre are immediately handcuffed by some guards and are brought before the Magic Parliament and its chairman. Damnatio intentionally reads out that Asta is an orphan peasant with no magic power and that Secre is unlisted and has horns from using Forbidden Magic. This causes the Parliament to immediately distrust Asta and Secre's claim that devil controlled the Magic Knights. Secre notes to herself that Julius's efforts could not all of the prejudice and discrimination.

Secre stops Asta from self-incriminating

Secre stops Asta from admitting to having his own devil.

Damnatio approaches Asta and quietly tells him that either Asta will take the fall for the possessed Magic Knights as a devil user or the possessed Magic Knights will pay for the actions they committed while possessed. Damnatio feels assured about this because his magic lets him know that Asta is the person who will not let the other Magic Knights die. When Damnatio asks Asta about this supposed devil, Asta admits that they killed the devil. Damnatio suspects that Asta and Secre are still in communication with the devil, and Secre has to prevent Asta from blurting out about his own devil.

Asta protects Marie from execution

Revealing his devil power, Asta defends Marie from execution.

Since they are unable to produce the devil, Damnatio announces that they will have to punish the possessed people. He has Marie Adlai brought out and chained in place. He explains that she is a former noble and an orphan with an ex-convict for a brother and that during the attack, she used her Eye Magic to indirectly harm others. Damnatio claims that she held a grudge against the nobles, but Asta denies that she did anything on purpose. Damnatio agrees that a devil would prove she was controlled but without one, there is only a crime for which she must be punished. He then gestures for the guards to execute Marie and declares that she is evil. In order to save Marie, Asta enters black form and blocks the Magic Bullets. Asta refuses to accept Damnatio's sense of justice, while Damnatio refuses to cooperate with a devil.[5]

Damnatio then tells Asta to surrender in order for the formerly possessed Magic Knights to avoid facing charges for what happened during the elves' assault on the kingdom. However, the rest of the Black Bull squad break into the tower and demand that Damnatio release Asta and Secre as they belong to their squad regardless of the demonic presence surrounding them.[6] Secre tries to get them to take Asta and leave but they assure her that she is part of their group regardless of her attempt to use them. Damnatio breaks up the group conversation by telling them that their actions will not make Asta's situation better but only worsen the charges placed on him. He then uses his Scale Magic spell, Scale Regulate, to weaken their magic to a balanced level to prevent their interference. However, Asta uses his new technique Fate Release to cancel out Damnatio's ability on the Black Bulls. Damnatio is shocked by this new ability which allows Yami to move in to knock him out.

Nozel and Fuegoleon stop Yami and Damnatio

Nozel and Fuegoleon bring an end to the fight and the trial.

Suddenly, Fuegoleon and Nozel come down to break up the confrontation while also bringing in Julius's new order for the Black Bulls to investigate the devils. As Nozel and Fuegoleon are royals, this convinces the Magic Parliament to allow Asta to prove his innocence.[7]


Damnatio states to Asta that he misjudged the faith that his squad and other people had in him. Before he leaves, he tells Asta that if he proves to be of no use to the kingdom, then he will be executed. He then goes to meet with Julius and asks him if he was sure about giving this new task to Asta and the Black Bulls. Julius assures him of his faith and trust in the Black Bulls and that he will accept responsibility for what could happen along with stating that he believes that Domnatio's scales will tip in Asta's favor one day. Damnatio shows relief at Julius's lack of change despite his new appearance while informing him of his to pass judgement on Asta and maybe even the Wizard King if the Kingdom starts falling.[8]

After the Spade Kingdom Raid, Damnatio's disappearance further postpones the final verdict. Eventually, the trial resumes and Asta and Secre are cleared of the charges. Asta is later rewarded with the rank of 1st Class Senior Magic Knight at a special awards ceremony.[1]


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