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The Devil Banishers 「デビル・バニッシャー Debiru Banisshā」 are a vigilante group of Clover Kingdom citizens who wish to bring to justice anyone associated with devils.[1] However, this is a front for the Devil Believers 「デビル・ビリーバー Debiru Birībā」, a group of weak commoners who worship devils and seek to attain devil power for themselves.[2] They plan to offer Asta, his five-leaf clover grimoire, and Secre Swallowtail to the Spade Kingdom in exchange for devil power.[3]


During the elves' attack on the Clover Kingdom, many citizens are killed and injured and entire towns are destroyed or heavily damaged. A few days after the elves are exorcised, the news spreads that the attack was perpetrated by Asta and Secre Swallowtail, the supposed servants of a devil.[1] Disgruntled by society's mistreatment of those with low magic power, Dazu Tayak, Bow Nocde, and other weak commoners form the Devil Believers, a group dedicated to obtaining devil power for themselves.[3]

When the Devil Trial has its judgment postponed for six months, one of the Magic Parliament guards, Kabwe Carillon, views the postponement as a miscarriage of justice. Dazu and Bow take advantage of his frustration and loss, enlisting him and two other guards into the Devil Banishers, a cover name for the group so they can get information and tools from the guards, as well as powerful allies to fight for them.[1][4]

As the Devil Banishers, they kidnap Marie Adlai from Nean. They also attempt to kidnap Asta and Secre from the Black Bulls base, but Noelle Silva's interference saves Asta, although he is left comatose by a sleeping potion.[1] The Banishers remain hidden in Tiulyu when the Magic Knights search for Marie and Secre.[5] They announce a public execution of Marie and Secre in order to lure out Asta. At the execution in Lehart, some citizens hired by the Banishers help agitate the crowd and keep the other Magic Knights occupied, while the Banishers lure Asta to a side street and convince him to give up himself and his grimoire. However, a team from the Golden Dawn interfere, and the Banishers are forced to retreat with only Asta's grimoire and Secre.[6] After the Parliament guards' repeated requests to execute their captives, the Devil Believers poison the guards and reveal their true intent. Before he dies, Kabwe contacts Damnatio Kira and informs him of the group's true intentions.[4]

As the Devil Believers, the group marches through the Clover Kingdom toward the Spade Kingdom. Along the way, they spread the message that the devils will help those with weak magic power, which attracts a large crowd of commoners and peasants to follow them on their journey.[3] As the Believers cross over Breed Mountain, Asta and Noelle confront them, and Dazu agrees to set Secre free in exchange for Asta. However, after Asta and Noelle are handcuffed, Dazu decides to keep all three Black Bulls captive and offer them to the Spade Kingdom. Before the Believers can cross out of the Clover Kingdom's territory, Captain Yami Sukehiro lands in their way.[7]


The Devil Banishers wear matching disguises: black, red, and white masks that resemble devil faces; hooded, white robes that are trimmed with black and form swirls on the sleeves and hems; beige shirts and pants which are tucked into the white bandages wrapped around their legs; and black shoes. The masks disguise their voices as well as filter the air they breathe, allowing them to use sleeping gases on targets without risk to themselves.[1] The Devil Believers wear the masks upside down.[4]

A few of them wear silver bracelets shaped like snakes wrapping around their wrists. These magic tools hide their mana from being sensed, enabling them to sneak up on and to escape from opponents,[1][2] in addition to disrupting the signals of magic trackers in their vicinity.[8]


Devil Believers
Devil Banishers
Devil Banishers
Devil Banishers
Devil Banishers
Devil Banishers
Devil Banishers


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