The devil resides within Licht's former grimoire (now Asta's grimoire)[1] and is the source of Asta's Anti Magic.[2]


The devil is a large black figure with wings, horns, a tail, and pointed teeth.


While most of its personality is unknown, it is shown to be very intimidating, such as how individuals shudder whenever they sense its presence.

It has shown a desire to possess Asta's body, but has failed when Asta refused it.

Its confrontation with another devil shows it be sadistic, if not disrespectful, as it mockingly refers the other devil as its senior while also ridiculing the devil's lost with a sneer.


Sometime after Licht's corruption and death, the devil enters the elf's five-leaf clover grimoire.[3] Centuries later, the grimoire appears to Asta, who uses the devil's Anti Magic to defeat Revchi.[4]

When the Witch Queen removes Asta's limits on Anti Magic, the devil tries to take over Asta's body. It tries to convince the boy to give up and let it control his body, but Asta refuses.[2]

Two devils talk

The two devils talk.

Months later, the devil mocks the other devil after he is slain by Asta.[5]

Battle Prowess


  • Anti Magic: The devil uses this unique energy to nullify magic.[6]


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