Devils 「悪魔 Akuma[1] are an ancient race of magical beings that dwell in the underworld.[2]


Devils are generally large and humanoid in appearance with pointed teeth, horns, tails, and bat-like wings. Every devil seen so far has access to particularly formidable and frightening magic attributes, such as Anti Magic, Kotodama Magic, Curse-Warding Magic and Gravity Magic.

Normally, devils cannot appear in the living world on their own. A mage can use Forbidden Magic and a sacrifice to summon a devil and use its power.[3] Devils cannot wield or enter a grimoire until it has a five-leaf clover. Once they have a grimoire and a physical body, they can unleash their true forms and power in the living world.[4]

The devils seem to have a caste society, with low-ranking devils disparaged and looked down upon by the more famed and higher-ranking devils like Lucifero.[5]

Known Devils

Zenon's devil square

Devil Hosts

Megicula speaks through Vanica

Megicula's devil host, Vanica

Devil hosts 「悪魔憑 Akumatsuki」, or devil-possessed, are humans who directly share power with devils.[6] The host gains an immense boost in power and the ability to use the devil's magic attribute in addition to their own.[7] When the host draws on this power, the host's body takes on devil-like physical characteristics, such as horns, elongated canine teeth, pitch black skin, clawed fingers and toes, bat-like wings, and a long thin tail.[8] However, it is impossible for a human host to access 100% of their devil's power, unless a direct channel is opened between the living world and the underworld or the devil inhabits a five-leaf clover grimoire.[9]

A devil host can also share some of the devil's power to their underlings. While these underlings cannot use as high a percentage as a devil host, the boost to their magic power still makes them formidable mages.[6]


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