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For the race of beings that dwell in the underworld, see Devils.

Demons 「魔神 Majin」 are giant creatures that possess phenomenal strength and magic power.[1] They are said to be born from people's hatred and the power of the underworld.[2] As such, the transformation is considered Forbidden Magic of the highest level.[3]


Demons are taller than mountains and have four arms, three eyes, two legs, tails, long hair, and spines along their backs. Their horns are unique to each demon. They also have a red line running down their torsos and crossed by multiple horizontal lines, as well as markings under two of their eyes that resemble crying.[1][4][5]

Demon charged attack

Demon Licht charges a magical blast.

To trigger the transformation, the person fills themselves with a tremendous amount of negative mana.[3] Demons seemingly lack technical intelligence as they rely on primitive, repetitive attacks to overwhelm opponents with sheer physical and magical strength. Due to the negative mana and their supercharged magic power, their bodies are more resistant to natural magic.[6] They are capable of shooting magical beams from their palms, as well as charging a large blast in their palms that could destroy a country.[7] Their wings can absorb the surrounding mana to increase their strength.[8] If the amount of negative mana is lessened enough, the transformed person may regain consciousness for a brief moment.[9]

Due to the negative mana, the person's soul is altered and their magic is tainted.[10][11]


Two royals from the Spade Kingdom become demons after their friendly rivalry turns to hatred. After their fight, they are sealed beneath the castle, and House Grinberryall stands guard over them.[2][12]

After the Massacre of the Elf Tribe, Licht uses the magic stones to turn himself into a demon in order to prevent a devil, Zagred, from stealing his body.[3] The demon attacks the Clover Kingdom, so Prince Lemiel Silvamillion Clover fights it, uses a magic tool to absorb some of its magic, and then slays it. Its skeleton remains on the outskirts of the kingdom.[13]

Mereoleona fights revived demon

One demon attacks the Spade Kingdom's castle town.

During the Qliphoth Advent Ritual, Zenon Zogratis unleashes one of the demons on the Resistance and the citizens of the castle town. Mereoleona Vermillion fights it.[14] She manages to knock it down and engulf it in flames.[15] However, after the first gate opens, it stands back up.[16] As the fight continues, her Hellfire Incarnate spell grows in power, and she eventually overpowers the demon and destroys its head and shoulders, killing it.[17]

Spade Demon attacks Clover Kingdom

Another demon attacks the Clover Kingdom.

At the same time, the other demon from the Spade Kingdom lands in the Clover Kingdom[18] and charges toward the Royal Capital. The Magic Knights attempt to stop it, but the demon overpowers them. While the demon is charging a large blast, Asta arrives and drives Black Divider into the building mass of mana.[19] Asta negates the mana as he Unites with Liebe. He then slices apart the demon.[20]


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