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Dazu Tayak 「ダズー・タヤク Dazū Tayaku」 is an exiled commoner of the Clover Kingdom[1] and a member of the Devil Believers.[2][3]


Dazu is a short woman with medium-length, black hair.

Dazu wears a long-sleeved, blue-green dress that reaches down to her knees. She also wears a pink scarf wrapped around her neck.



Dazu is a meek woman, but after watching her mother-in-law and her husband die, she is willing to attack others and kidnap children for the sake of revenge.[2]

She harbors an immense hatred deep in her heart, due to growing up surrounded by people who have always looked down on her because of her lack of magic power.


When Dazu was a child, during a hot day, she used her Catalyst Magic to combine the Water and Wind Magic of two of her friends, creating a small rain shower to cool them off. This seemed to make them happy, and that made Dazu happy, but she later overheard her friends talking about her behind her back, insulting her because she has so little magic power.[3]

At some point, on separate occasions, Dazu met Vide and his mother Meshu. Dazu later married Vide, but was never happy with her married life.

One late afternoon, Dazu watches the sunset from a bridge. Bow Nocde passes by and comments on how lovely the sunset is. Dazu recognizes Bow as the medicine woman whom her mother-in-law had told her about. Bow guesses that the old woman probably said something bad about her, but Dazu denies this. She asked Bow where she learned to make medicine and Bow replies that she learned through trial and error. Bow is about to leave when Dazu introduces herself and asked if she could visit with Bow sometime. Bow agrees and even offers to teach Dazu about making medicine if she is interested.[4]

Some time later, Dazu paid a visit to Bow. Dazu was impressed by all the medicines that Bow had made, but Bow denied that they were anything special. Dazu respectfully disagreed and Bow thanked her. Bow demonstrated to Dazu how she uses her magic to mix her herbs and admitted that that was about all she could do with her magic, but Dazu told her that it was something she should be proud of. Later that evening, Dazu went home after making plans with Bow to pay her another visit in the future. At another point in the past, Bow was showing Dazu the proper way to mix medicine. She left Dazu to continue mixing while she went to grab one final ingredient, but then had to correct Dazu's mixing technique, as she had been mixing too fast and rough. During a past winter, Bow and Dazu were sitting by the fireplace while trying on lip moisturizing cream.[5]

In Dazu's hometown of Tiulyu, Dazu visits Bow, who treats a scar on Dazu's arm, when Bow asked how she got it, Dazu stated that it was the people who look down on her for having little magic power. Bow told her to be strong while she bandaged the wound. Dazu thought about how she had always felt alone, but realized that she was not. Dazu would like to stay longer, but hurries home before her husband, Vide, returns. That evening, Dazu is having dinner with her husband and mother-in-law, Meshu, when the floating dungeon passes overhead and destroys her house. Dazu is unable to free her husband from the rubble, while three possessed Purple Orcas raze the town down with their magic. Meshu begs for Dazu to save them quickly, lest they die. As Dazu tries to lift the rubble, Vide calls her a good-for-nothing wench. This makes Dazu snap and she kills both of them herself. Later that night, Dazu watches as a giant tree forms in the Royal Capital and exorcises the elf spirits, saving Dazu from a possessed female Magic Knight.

A few days later, Dazu is visiting her husband's and mother-in-law's graves when Bow shows her a newspaper article, which accuses Asta and Secre Swallowtail of being a devil's servants and the ones behind the mass possession and the excessive destruction around the Clover Kingdom. When they hear that the trial's judgment is postponed for six months, Dazu and Bow approach one of the Magic Parliament's guards, Kabwe Carillon, and recruit him into their group of vigilantes, the Devil Banishers.

At the Black Bulls' base, Dazu watches as Bow uses a sleeping potion on Asta and Secre, incapacitating the two Black Bulls. Noelle Silva interferes, and one of the vigilantes uses a root to whip Noelle's wand out of her hand. The vigilantes run off with their captives, but Noelle catches up and manages to knock down the man carrying Asta. Before Noelle can attack again, Kabwe turns himself and the others invisible, allowing them to escape with Secre.[2] They return to Tiulyu and place Secre next to Marie Adlai in Bow's house.

Later, Dazu is at the graveyard visiting her husband's and mother-in-law's graves, remembering the good times. She sees Yami Sukehiro and Finral Roulacase, who she overhears talk about how many of the graves might be from the elves' attack.[6] They approach Dazu and ask her if she has seen Marie or Secre, to which she replies that she has not. Yami also asks her if she knows of anyone with a grudge against devils. Dazu tells them that everyone has a grudge against devils and asks them if they had heard about how a devil was responsible for the resent attack. She recognizes them as Magic Knights due to their cloaks and asked them why they did not come to help. Yami takes responsibility and apologizes to her.

Dazu makes her way back to Bow's house, keeping to the shadows along the way. Once there, Dazu and Bow go down to the basement where the Devil Banishers are waiting for them. Dazu tells them about the Magic Knights who are in town. The Banishers discover that Secre is in possession of the magic tracker bracelet that was placed on Asta. They are about to break it, but Dazu has the idea to place the tracker on a bird and send the Magic Knights on a wild goose chase.[7]

After the Devil Banishers return to Bow's basement following the attempted and failed public execution of Marie and Secre, Kabwe states that he plans to execute Secre. Dazu tries to stop him by reminding him that they have more important things to deal with. Kabwe states that the five-leaf grimoire that they took from Asta needs to be dealt with too. Dazu tries to argue, but Kabwe believes that the book is of no further use. Suddenly, the three Magic Parliament guards fall ill and collapse. Kabwe realizes that there was something in the water that Bow had given to them earlier.

With Kabwe dying, Dazu takes the five-leaf grimoire, and reveals the truth to him. The Devil Banishers are actually the Devil Believers, and instead of wanting to destroy the devil as they originally preached, they actually worship the devil and seek to gain devil power for their own. Dazu reveals that they were taking advantage of the hatred that Kabwe, Onoby Sinho, and Siona Caverly felt towards the devil and were just using them for their knowledge as members of the Magic Parliament and their strong magical abilities. Dazu tells Kabwe that people like the Devil Believers have no place in the Clover Kingdom, something that they have all been told since they were children. Dazu states that the Believers want to be like Asta, who was able to become a strong and well known Magic Knight using a grimoire that granted him the power of a devil. Dazu and the rest of the Devil Believers then took Secre and left Kabwe to die.[3]

Dazu and the rest of the Devil Believers travel through the Forsaken Realm. As they went, hundreds of other weak mages who also wanted to gain devil power joined them along the way. The Believers and their followers travel up Breed Mountain through a raging storm. The Believers are having a hard time getting through the harsh conditions on the Mountain, but continue on, believing that a little bad weather is nothing compared to the way they have suffered in the past. Bow and Dazu take a moment to admire the sunset. As they continue on, they notice that it is a full moon, meaning the chaotic mana of the Neutral Zone between Clover and Spade will be weaker than normal, giving them a better chance, even if the odds are still against them. Dazu thanks Bow for all that she had done for her.

Asta and Noelle catch up to the Devil Believers and fly in using Noelle's Valkyrie Dress. Asta demands that they return Secre and tells them that he knows of their plan to offer Secre and his five-leaf grimoire to the Spade Kingdom. He warns them that they will not all be able to make it through the Neutral Zone with so many people, even with the Grand Magic Zone being weakened by the full moon. The Believers know this, but they still resolve to press on.

Dazu admits that she has little magic power and was constantly looked down on and ridiculed by everyone around her, something she believes Asta can understand. Asta reminds her of her husband and mother-in-law, but Dazu confesses that she was never happy with them and cries that they were just using her to make themselves feel superior. Dazu collapses to her knees and cries that she is happy that they are now dead. Bow helps Dazu back to her feet.

Noelle asks what the Devil Believers want in the Spade Kingdom, and they respond that they want to gain strong magic power from the devil that Kabwe told them about. After obtaining devil power, they intend to return to the Clover Kingdoms and seek revenge against its people. Dazu holds up Asta's grimoire and recites the saying about five-leaf clovers. Dazu and Bow confess their admiration for Asta, who even though had no mana, was still able to achieve great things as a Magic Knight because he obtained the power of the devil through a five-leaf grimoire. Asta tells them that he is different from them, because even after obtaining the power of the devil, he never once thought about taking revenge. He just wants everyone to be happy, no matter their status. Dazu wishes that they could see the world the way he does, but their hatred cannot be stopped. The Believers refuse to release Secre and intend to continue to Spade. Asta offers to take Secre's place. The Believers agree and Asta and Noelle agree to let the Believers restrain them. However, the Believers go back on their word and still refuse to release Secre. They believe that the devil in Spade will be pleased with offering of a devil host, his five-leaf grimoire, a user of Forbidden Magic, and a Clover Kingdom royal.

They continue on their journey until they reach the border. Secre questions how they intend to make it across the Grand Magic Zone. Dazu replies that they will use her Catalyst Magic to unify and utilize the minor amounts of magic from all of their followers to push through the Neutral Zone. Dazu admits it is a major gamble, but at least one person might make it and obtain the devil's power.[4]

The Believers' path is blocked by the arrival of Magna Swing and Captain Yami. They recognize Yami as a Magic Knight Captain, but Dazu and the others choose to ignore him and continue their journey. They try to drag Asta, Noelle, and Secre along with them, but Asta manages to get himself and the girls free. The Believers are about to go after them, but Dazu tells them it does not matter as long as they still have Asta's grimoire.

Captain Nozel Silva and Captain Fuegoleon Vermillion arrive with Cob Portaport. Fuegoleon calls out to the Devil Believers and asks them to hear them out. Dazu considers his request to be ridiculous and calls out to everyone to send her their magic. The Believers and followers all raise their grimoires and send their magic to her. However, by gathering everyone's magic together, Dazu inadvertently attracts a titanic ice monster from behind the next mountain over, due to her Catalyst Magic having an effect on the surrounding mana in the Grand Magic Zone.

The monster attacks the Believers by sending a wave of snow, but Magna stops the wave with his Exploding Fireball. There are still a few large rocks flying toward the Believers, but Noelle stops them with her Valkyrie Dress. Asta charges toward the Believers. Dazu moves to defend her satchel, thinking Asta is going for his grimoire, but he actually runs past her and headbutts a rock that Noelle missed. Secre uses her Closed Sorrow to heal the wounded followers. Dazu is surprised that the Magic Knights were trying to save them. The three Magic Knight Captains are able to slay the ice monster fairly easily, leaving the Devil Believers and their followers in awe at the power of the three captains. After seeing them beat the ice monster so easily, the Believers and their followers realize that they do not have a chance. Dazu grabs a potion from her bag.

The captains clarify that they just want to talk. Fuegoleon has Cob open a portal and out of it comes William Vangeance and Damnatio Kira. The captains manage to convince the Believers' followers, who are technically not guilty of any crimes since they had not actually crossed the border, to abandon their quest for devil power and return to their homes. After the people have left, the captains address Dazu, Bow, and the rest of the Devil Believers. Since they committed actual crimes of kidnapping, incitement of rioting, and the murder of the three Magic Parliament guards, they were another matter entirely from everyone else. Dazu tries to use the potion that she grabbed earlier, but Yami stops her easily. Damnatio sentences the Devil Belivers to exile. He has Cob create a portal for them, but Dazu refuses to go through, tired of other people deciding her fate.

Dazu returns Asta's grimoire to him. He promises her that he will one day be the Wizard King and change the Clover Kingdom and asks her to watch no matter where she goes. Dazu says goodbye to him and expresses her wish that she could have been more like him. The Believers apologize to Secre and ask her to pass the apology on to Marie Adlai as well. Dazu leans on Bow and admits that there is almost no chance of them making it through the Grand Magic Zone alive, but the Believers are resolute. The Believers discard their masks and warn the Magic Knights that if they fail to create change, more groups like the Devil Believers would continue to rise.

The Believers set out into the Neutral Zone. As the Believers begin their journey, Dazu thinks about the deaths of her husband and mother-in-law, and how she had been the one who killed them. She thinks about how awful they were to her. Dazu never felt any regret for what she did to them and believes they got what they deserved. Even with them dead, the flames of hatred still burned inside of her. The Devil Believers are still determined to reach the Spade Kingdom at any cost and gain devil power.[5]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Catalyst Magic: Dazu uses this magic attribute to borrow and utilize the magic of others. By borrowing magic from multiple people at once, she can combine the different attributes to create new effects.[2][3]


  • Weak Magic Power: Dazu has a low amount of mana. She and the other Devil Believers seek the power of devils to increase their magic power.[4]
  • Leadership: Dazu is able to rally a group of like-minded individuals who are willing to follow her through the incredibly dangerous Neutral Zone. In just a few days, the number of her followers increases from only a small handful to several hundred.[3]


  • Grimoire: Dazu possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various Catalyst Magic spells.[2]


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