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The Dark Triad漆黒の三極性ダークトライアド Dāku Toraiado」 is a trio of powerful mages who used to rule over the Spade Kingdom.[1]


The Dark Triad are three mages who previously ruled the Spade Kingdom. Years ago, they usurped rule of the Kingdom from the royal family, House Grinberryall. The Dark Triad uses fear to subjugate the people and take control of the nation.[2]

Under their rule, the Spade Kingdom has conquered most of the Diamond Kingdom and begun preparing to invade the other kingdoms.[3] The weaker citizens of the Spade Kingdom have been forced from their homes and into service as sources of magic power for the kingdom's mobile fortresses.[4]

One of the Dark Triad's objectives is the recreation of the Tree of Qliphoth, a magic channel that will allow devils to enter the living world. The tree requires World Tree Magic and Dark Magic to grow,[5] so Zenon Zogratis leads an attack on the Golden Dawn squad in order to capture William Vangeance, while Dante Zogratis attacks the Black Bull squad to capture Yami Sukehiro.[6][7]


The members of the Dark Triad are all known to be extremely powerful mages whose strength is on par with devils, as they are possessed by three of the highest-ranking devils from the underworld.[1][8] Their direct subordinates are known as the Dark Disciples漆黒の使徒ダークディサイプル Dāku Disaipuru」;[9] they are strong and loyal mages whom the members of the Dark Triad have shared some of their devil's power with, they can access significant proportions of a devil's power such as 40%. These powers grant the Dark Triad and Dark Disciples a massive boost in power which allow them to easily take on and overpower an entire squad of Magic Knights on their own.[10]

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  • The Qliphoth is the arrangement of evil forces in Kabbalah and is the opposing structure to the Sefirot, which was used for the elves' apostles and the tree of life monument.
  • Three of the Zogratis siblings have magic attributes related to the human body: bones, blood, and body.


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