Humans are evil incarnate. Rage, fear, hate, revenge, destruction... Evil is humanity's true nature. As such, this world is too dull for us.

— To himself in Budding of Yggdrasil

Dante 「ダンテ」 is a member of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad[1] and the host of the devil Lucifero.[2]


Dante is a tall man with dark-colored, combed-back hair and noticeable facial hair. His most notable feature is a dark mark that runs along the entirety of his forehead.

Dante wears a dark-colored shirt with a high collar and a dark-colored fur coat with a short light-colored fur mantle on top. He also wears a crown with tall spikes.

While using 50% of his devil's power, a black substance forms a pair of curved horns from the his temples and a pair of bat-like wings from his back, and covers his mantle and chest. His irises change color, and his pupils become vertical slits. The marking on his face expands with the vertical lines extending up into his hairline and down over his eyes to his cheeks.[3]

While serving as a soldier in the Spade Kingdom's military, Dante wears the standard soldier uniform. He has no facial hair or mark on his forehead.[4]



Dante seems to be a calm and easy going individual. Even in the face of a surprising turn of events, he does not lose his cool.[5] He is rather manipulative and will do anything as long as he gets his way, as seen by how he pushed Asta to the extreme by harming Gauche.

He believes that evil is the true nature of humanity and the world is too dull because of it.[6] Therefore, he considers being called evil a compliment, and encourages other people to embrace their malice, as it is a supreme emotion only humans have.[7] On top of this, he tends to give a satisfying smile when others embrace their humanity.

Dante has also shown traits of being a misogynist, as seen where he audaciously declares Vanessa Enoteca to be his woman after being impressed by Red Thread of Fate that can alter the natural laws of cause and effect, and later, when Vanessa uses her magic in an attempt to save Asta, Dante becomes extremely enraged due to her using her power for anyone else but him, showing a lack of care or respect for her as a person with her own will. This misogyny is widened when he sees Grey's arcane magic, declaring that she shall be his woman as well.

Dante thinks lowly of people who have very little mana. He seems to enjoy fighting, as he maintains a wide smile on his face going up against Asta and Yami.


Dante reflects on his past

Dante's past in the Spade Kingdom.

Dante grows up in the Spade Kingdom and becomes dissatisfied with life. He later enlists as a soldier in the country's military but the killing of others and military victories do not bring him satisfaction. He takes part in overthrowing the royal family and killing the king but is still left unsatisfied.[4] Alongside Zenon Zogratis and Vanica, he takes over the Spade Kingdom and they rule as the Dark Triad.[8]

Sixteen years later, Dante sends Zenon to attack the Diamond Kingdom as a test of his strength and devil powers.[9]

Six months later, Dante holds a meeting with the rest of the Dark Triad as they discuss which target they should attack next.[1] Dante sends Zenon to capture William Vangeance and Vanica to attack Princess Lolopechka and the Heart Kingdom. He then prepares to seek out Yami Sukehiro.[10]

Dante finds the Black Bull's base near the border of the Spade Kingdom but Yami is not there. He decides to lift and play with the base while he waits for Yami to return. When Henry Legolant and Gauche Adlai attack him, Dante is insulted and tries to slam the base into the ground. Vanessa Enoteca's Rouge protects the base, which intrigues Dante. Suddenly an Anti Magic slash and Asta fly from the base.[11] Dante dodges the slashes when his magic has no effect on them. He pulls the broken trees up into the air to smash Asta, but Rouge saves the boy.

Dante breaches Black Bull base

Dante breaches the base to find Rouge's owner.

Intrigued by the spell, Dante flies around Asta and into the base. He finds Vanessa who stands in front of her squadmates to defend them with Rouge. Since Asta is left unprotected, Dante snaps his fingers and causes the boy to slam into the ground. Dante then compliments Vanessa's magic, beauty, and figure and invites her to be his woman. Before Vanessa can respond, Asta reappears in his black form and chases Dante out of the base, and Dante is shocked that there is a devil in the Clover Kingdom. Dante continues to evade Asta's attacks so Gauche multiplies Asta in order to swarm Dante with Mirrors Meteorite.[12] Dante draws on 50% of his devil's power and warps the space around himself to move out of the attack's way. He then steps on the real Asta and slams the boy into the ground in order to talk. He explains his views on humanity and that giving into the darkest emotions is when a person is most human. Asta counters that a strong heart can control those emotions to do right. Dante increases the gravity holding Asta down, but Rouge protects the boy, which angers Dante. Drawing on 60% of his devil's power, Dante forces Rouge to dispel and Henry to exhaust his magic and immobilizes Vanessa, Gauche, Grey in midair. In order to awaken Asta's darkest emotions, Dante creates a sword and impales Gauche on it. Asta becomes enraged and his appearance becomes more devil-like. Dante dodges an attack and rejoices over the change.[13]

While dodging Asta's various attacks, Dante taunts the boy and asks his own devil, Lucifero, for the identity of Asta's devil. Lucifero does not recognize the other devil but considers it to be a low-ranked one. Dante then pulls several large rocks from the ground and throws them at Asta, who destroys them one by one and flies after Dante.[14] When Asta gets near, Dante turns three of the rocks around Asta into swords, which Asta blocks with Black Hurricane. When Dante warps out of the way of a Black Slash, Asta predicts where Dante will reappear, launches himself from his spinning, and manages to cut Dante's face, which infuriates Dante.[15] He resolves to defeat Asta with his fists and batters the Black Bull with Heavy Infighting.[16]

After defeating Asta, Dante notices that Grey is another Arcane Stage mage. He immobilizes Grey and Vanessa and requests both of them to be his women. Suddenly Yami arrives and blocks Dante's path.[17] Dante notes the captain's own malice but refuses to let Yami look down on him. He increases gravity to bring Yami and Finral Roulacase to the ground, and Yami uses Reinforcement Magic to catch himself and Finral from crashing and then negates Dante's magic with Black Moon. Impressed with the display of Dark Magic, Dante launches a large rock at Yami to test his abilities. Yami's Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash slices through the rock and forces Dante to warp out of its path. Dante then crafts a sword and engages Yami in close combat. During the back and forth, Dante admits that Yami is his goal since Yami is a key that connects the living world and the underworld. He also expresses jealousy of Yami's ability to collect people with unique magic. Dante begins rapidly warping to different positions all around Yami, so the captain condenses his Mana Zone and waits for Dante to strike. Dante attacks from behind Yami, who quickly draws his sword, dodges Dante's sword, and slashes Dante across the abdomen.[18]

Battle Prowess


  • Gravity Magic: Dante uses this magic attribute to manipulate gravity. He can weaken gravity to levitate himself and large objects or strengthen gravity to slam things into the ground with tremendous force.[19][20] By increasing the pressure all around a target, Dante could immobilize a person in midair or condense and shape a large amount of material into an object.[21]


  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While he normally keeps his hands in his pockets, Dante is highly proficient in unarmed combat, as shown when he completely dominates a berserk Black Asta with his bare hands.[22]
  • Master Swordsman: Dante is a very skilled swordsman, as shown when he fights evenly with Yami Sukehiro in a sword fight.[23]
  • Enhanced Speed: Dante is extremely fast, as shown when he easily dodges multiple attacks from Asta, including high-speed attacks that home in on magic.[24][25]
  • Enhanced Strength: Dante possesses great physical strength, as shown when he kicks in a door and breaks the stone wall around it.[26]
  • Immense Magic Power: Dante possesses an immense amount of magic power and is said to have strength on par with a devil.[27]
  • Devil-Possessed: As a member of the Dark Triad, Dante is host to the devil Lucifero, who grants him immense power.[2] The more power he draws on, the more devil-like his appearance becomes. With 50% of the Lucifero's power, Dante can distort space to move himself out of harm's way,[28][29] and with 60%, his sheer power can nullify Vanessa Enoteca's Red Thread of Fate spell.[30]


  • Grimoire: Dante possesses a spade grimoire that contains various gravity-based magic spells.[31]

Notable Quotes

  • "Humans are evil incarnate. Rage, fear, hate, revenge, destruction... Evil is humanity's true nature. As such, this world is too dull for us." 「人間とは悪だ 怒り 恐怖 憎悪 復讐 破壊... 人間の本性は悪なのだ そんな我々に この世界は退屈すぎる... Ningen to wa akuda Ikari Kyōfu Zōo Fukushū Hakai... Ningen no honshō wa akuna noda Son'na wareware ni Kono sekai wa taikutsu sugiru...[6]



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