Dante 「ダンテ」 is a member of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad.[1]


Dante is a tall man with dark-colored, combed-back hair and noticeable facial hair. His most notable feature is a dark mark that runs along the entirety of his forehead.

Dante wears a dark-colored shirt with a high collar and a dark-colored fur coat with a short light-colored fur mantle on top. He also wears a crown with tall spikes.


Dante seems to be a clam and easy going individual. Even in the face of a surprising turn of events, he doesn't lose his cool.[2]

He believes that evil is the true nature of humanity and the the world is too dull because of it.[3]

Dante thinks lowly of people who have very little mana.


Dante sends Zenon to attack the Diamond Kingdom as a test of his strength and devil powers.[4]

Six months later, Dante holds a meeting with the rest of the Dark Triad as they discuss on which target they should attack next.[1] Dante sends Zenon to capture William Vangeance and Vanica to attack Princess Lolopechka and the Heart Kingdom. He then prepares to seek out Yami Sukehiro.[5]

Dante finds the Black Bull's base near the border of the Spade Kingdom but Yami is not there. He decides to lift and play with the base while he waits for Yami to return. When Henry Legolant and Gauche Adlai attack him, Dante is insulted and tries to slam the base into the ground. Vanessa Enoteca's Rouge protects the base, which intrigues Dante. Suddenly an Anti Magic slash and Asta fly from the base.[6]

Battle Prowess


  • Gravity Magic: Dante uses this magic attribute to manipulate gravity. He can weaken gravity to levitate himself and large objects or strengthen gravity to slam things into the ground with tremendous force.[7][8]


  • Immense Magic Power: Dante possesses an immense amount of magic power and is said to have strength on par with a devil.[9]


  • Grimoire: Dante possesses a spade grimoire that contains various gravity-based magic spells.[10]



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