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Crimson Lions vs. Elf is a fight that occurs at the Crimson Lion base.


As most of the Crimson Lion members are wounded, the elf asks if this is all they are capable of. The squad asks their vice-captain to stop his assault, but the elf replies that he will not stop until everyone of them drops dead. As the squad says that they will not be able to stop the elf, Leopold yells that they will not break. Leopold also says that they were trained by the best captain of the Crimson Lion squad and that he will not lose here.[1] The Elf tells Leopold that Leopold cannot even cannot even us his magic since he is over flowing with mana.


The squad member agrees with Leopold, and charge at the elf to wake up their vice-captain. The elf comments about how they are all nothing to him, and dodges all their spell. The elf then starts to attack them all one at a time, which the squad member realize how the elf is using their vice-captain's magic to not only move around easily but to also attack them with.[2] Leopold manages to fire a spell at the elf, but the elf easily destroys the spell and fires another spell at Leopold. Leopold dodges the spell and thinks about how he finally figure out how to read the mana that is in the air. Leopold also notices that there is an incredible and mysterious mana source that is high above them.

Three mages stand in front of Leopold, and compliment his growth. They also tells him to take the injured and run, since he will one day be the captain of the Crimson Lions. Leopold tells them that he can still fight and that they will come out of this alive, while also thinking about how he is getting something.[3] Suddenly Leopold falls and he thinks about how he is at his limit. The elf defeats the three mages and says that Leopold will not be leading the squad since he will kill him right now. As Leopold tells his body to move, the elf says that he will give those royalty a gruesome death while preparing an attack.


Suddenly that Crimson Lion headquarters is engulfed in flames, which the elf is surprised by this. As Leopold thinks that its another enemies attack, but realizes that he is being wrapped in flame mana. Suddenly Fuegoleon walks out of the building and says that Leopold has fought well. The squad member are both shocked and glad to see Fuegoleon, while Leopold starts to cry. Fuegoleon says that he will take over the fight, which Leopold and the elf notice Salamander. Fuegoleon also says that he will not lose a second time, while Salamander is on his arm that is made of fire.[4]


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