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Crimson Lion 「紅蓮の獅子王 Guren no Shishiō」 is one of the nine squads of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights.


Like the other eight squads, the Crimson Lion follows the orders of the Wizard King and will act according to his requests.

It is one of the most prominent and successful squads, usually ranking first or second;[2] however, they have recently dropped to fifth.[3]

Squad Robe[]

The squad's signature robe is a red mantle that is split in the middle of the front and has slits over the shoulders. There is additional fabric wrapped around the neck like an attached scarf. The back of the robe is emblazoned with the squad's insignia.

The royal members wear gold-colored, braided ropes with large purple stones. These ropes are draped around their necks under the scarf and hang down in front.


Crimson Lion is led by a captain with authority over the members of the squad.

Crimson Lion
Former Captains
Former Members

Base of Operations[]

Crimson Lion Base

Crimson Lion headquarters.

The Crimson Lion's headquarters is a palace-like structure in an unknown region of the Clover Kingdom.[4][5]


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