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Crazy Cyclone紅零爾威災駆乱クレイジーサイクロンKureijī Saikuron-gō」 is a unique magic broom, which belongs to Magna Swing.


Crazy Cyclone has the appearance of a bull skeleton, with a sunglass-wearing skull as its headpiece. Furthermore, its shaft is shaped like a spine with a semi-circular saddle, which has four pairs of ribs on the sides and a pair of purple fur balls at the base of the saddle. At the end of the broom, Crazy Cyclone has a bundle of bristles as commonly seen on a broomstick. Additionally, it is also installed with a pole from which a flag with the Black Bull insignia flutters.[1]

As a magic broom, Crazy Cyclone is a transportation device for mages. It absorbs the driver's magic in order to levitate and fly. It has enough strength to carry three mages without any sign of a breakdown. Moreover, Crazy Cyclone has an exceptional acceleration feature as it is able to quickly gain speed as its driver channels magic power into it.[2]



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