Cob Portaport 「コブ・ポルタポルト Kobu Porutaporuto[1] is one of the advisers of the Magic Emperor[2] and a member of the Royal Knights squad.[3]

He is the human host for the elf Ado.[4]


Cob has fluffy hair. He is wearing fancy clothing and wearing a cape.

While possessed by Ado, two tattoos appear on Cob's cheeks and his ears become pointed.[5]



For the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Cob creates a door that transports the Magic Knights from the arena to the tournament field.[2]

Cob helps Finral Roulacase test what happens when Spatial Magic spells clash.[6]

Cob fetches Sekke Bronzazza, saving him from Yami Sukehiro, and drops the rest of Teams B and G on the battlefield.[7]

Several days after the exam's completion, Cob is enlisted into the Royal Knights for his Spatial Magic.[3] He opens a doorway to the Gravito Rock Zone's floating dungeon,[8] and Mereoleona Vermillion orders him to remain outside while the rest of the squad divides into teams and enters the base.[9] Cob jams other Spatial Magic to impede Valtos and others from returning to the base.[10]

After Patolli sets the last magic stone, Cob is possessed by the elf Ado.[11]

Battle ProwessEdit


  • Spatial Magic: Cob uses this rare form of magic to manipulate space. He manifests a pair of large doors at both ends of his portals.[2] Because he can transport large groups of people at once, Cob serves the Magic Emperor by moving the kingdom's armies.[1]


  • Grimoire: Cob possesses a grimoire that contains various space-based magic spells.[2]


  • Portaport may be a reference to the French phrase porte-à-porte, which means "door-to-door".


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