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Clover Castle 「クローバー城 Kurōbā-jō」 is the residence of the Clover Kingdom's three royal families and is located within the Royal Capital.


The castle is on a section elevated above the rest of Royal Capital and surrounded by a large wall with a series of towers all along the top. The only entrance is a set of gates that have stairs leading down to the Royal Capital.

The Royal Castle Knights Squad 「王城騎士隊 Ōjō Kishi-tai」 are a special group of Magic Knights tasked with protecting the castle gates.[1]

The castle is divided into three sections, each belonging to one of the royal families. From the main gate, the Kira Estate is straight ahead, with the Silva Estate to the right and the Vermillion Estate to the left.[2]

The king's bedroom is in the highest tower of the Kira Estate,[3] and the throne room is on an upper floor of the main building.[4]


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