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Ciel Grinberryall 「シエル・グリンベリオール Shieru Gurinberiōru」 is the queen of the Spade Kingdom and a member of House Grinberryall. After the birth of their son, she and her husband are overthrown by the Zogratis siblings.[1]


Ciel is an adult woman with long black hair that has bangs swept to the left side and blue eyes. Her son, Yuno, is said to bear a striking resemblance to her.[2]

In formal settings, Ciel wears a magenta gown trimmed with white fur and a white fur mantle. The gown's high collar is purple and gold and has a white frill along the bottom edge. She also wears a gold crown and silver earrings.[3]


Ciel is a kind woman, having helped rule the Spade Kingdom during a period of peace.[1]


Ciel and her husband, King Loyce, rule peacefully over the Spade Kingdom[1] and have a son together. When the Zogratis siblings attack the royal castle and kill the King and other royals, Yuno is sent to the Clover Kingdom.[4] Afterwards, the Dark Triad take over as rulers of the Spade Kingdom,[1] while Ciel is kept hidden and safe by loyal citizens, who later form the Resistance.

After the Dark Triad are defeated, Ciel finally reunites with her son and hugs him. Yuno tells her and the Resistance that he intends to fulfill his vow to become Wizard King.[5]

As Judgment Day begins, the Spade Kingdom awaits the Paladins' arrival, and Ciel worries for her son.[6]



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  • Ciel is French for "sky".


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