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Charmy Pappitson vs. Lira is a fight that occurs in the Shadow Palace.


While making their way to the topmost chamber of the Shadow Palace, Asta and Mimosa Vermillion enter the room of Lira who sends his paintings to attack the humans.[1] The pair are slowly overwhelmed by the number of monsters, so Asta carries Mimosa on his back while she heals their injuries.[2]

Yuno arrives in Clover Castle, and Charmy offers him food and then follows him into the Shadow Palace. However, she is separated from Yuno and appears in Lira's room.[3] Charmy weaves through the monsters and blocks their attacks with Cotton Magic. When Asta explains that Lira created the monsters, Charmy flies up to the elf and, noticing that he is frustrated, offers him food.[4]


Lira swats the food away, sending it crashing to the floor. Angered by this waste, Charmy attacks with her Sleeping Sheep Strike, but Lira's own monster burns the sheep and Charmy with a blast of fire and pierces the sheep with spikes. Charmy falls down and lands in the remains of her sheep.[5]

Suddenly Charmy's mana turns cold and her sheep asks her if it can come out now. Asta and Mimosa watch in shock as Charmy stands up and grows taller and her sheep turns into a wolf. Lira recognizes the second mana as dwarven and questions if Charmy is a human-dwarf hybrid. Charmy is shocked to learn that she is part dwarf and that her sheep was a talking wolf; however, her focus returns when she realizes that she is starving.[6]

Glutton's Banquet

Charmy's wolf devours Lira's paintings.

Lira renews his attack and sends out another onslaught of monsters, which Charmy's wolf welcomes. It pulls out a fork and knife and begins consuming Lira's paintings. The magic it consumes is transferred to Charmy who channels the power into reinforced punches. Charmy punches her away to Lira and delivers a direct blow to the elf's torso.[7]

Lira refuses to let go of his hatred for humans, and Charmy let up her attacks. As the fight continues, Charmy tells Asta and Mimosa to move on ahead while she handles Lira.[8] Charmy eventually defeats Lira.


Charmy defeats Lira

Charmy celebrates her victory.

Charmy is celebrating her victory when Licht collects Lira's mana for a spell to be used against Zagred.[9]


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